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Sunday, March 15, 2015

Pumpkin Bargains in plot 65

Our aunt (Tata) and general mother always had pumpkins in the farm. So we viewed them with derision and none of us would be caught with yellow in their teeth. Until she got clever for us, agituhigira, and started making pumpkin chapati and a new world order came up in plot 65.

She had one regular pumpkin client.
This client , a man, would buy a pumpkin each week. He came in around 6.30 after sunset eand it would go this way:

-Aaa, but you have sold expensive mother of Munyeki-
-Eeee, and the way I have sold well for you, I have made the price well well-
-But this one is small, just sell 40 shillings-
There is no problem, but it is to give I've given you

Mama would say after,
-Just give him, how often does a man go grocery shopping?-
And tata would say
-Eeh, that is to spoil him, you will see him here everyday-

We thought it was funny because the pumpkin Would cost 120,150 shillings if the market people were asking. But it is like when you lend a friend some money, not much, like 100 shillings, you let them pay you back to keep doors open if they would like to come back again. So with the pumpkin dealing, both knew they were preserving each other's honor. The man would have his stew, and he would feel empowered to woth his purchasing power. Tata would not feel like she had turned into redcross.

I like pumkin soup, but each time I buy a slice from the shop I feel quite ripped off.

Makes me meditate with much feeling the song,
By the rivers of babylon

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