Wednesday, November 5, 2008


I search for you in every face I meet
I look keenly, deeply, for a hint, a single hint
I try to observe, the look, the look that will determine.

Within me emotions roll, collide and flow, surging
Emotions, that prove to me there’s potential-see
I never had the chance to express these
In my mind a notion grows
That you will open up the things I feel
These forces within me I can’t interpret.

Then perhaps I’ll open up within me
The warm crystals will melt, the tight gates
Open up, the tight fists relax.

I search for you in every face that passes
I look keenly, deeply
But see playfulness, youth and brevity
I try to be thorough and discerning.

The look, to make me know -I’m home
The signal to put my defenses down
The reflection of what I feel, inside me.

{can't get a proper picture after an hour so, this will have to do for now, maybe I'll ask my friends to pose for one}

{my friend read the poem and e-mailed me the comment posted,check it out.I was over the moon :) }

1 comment:

  1. I saw your latest pictures on facebook and in your literary folder, I'm swept off my feet! I mean they're really beautiful, not only because it's you one can see but also artistically. The light, perspective...keep on doing like that! The vase with the chain could be made by me, I like these kind of pictures.
    Also I have to say that I printed out the latest poem "I search for you in every face I meet" to pin it on my wall, it's desribing somehow parts of my actual inner life, in other words I feel good or better when I read it. Thanx for that, and till another time