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Thursday, September 3, 2015

Does God wear shoes?


              Mungu havai viatu?
-Unaonaje? Anavaa?- I ask, to buy time.

Anatembea mguu peku peku?
-Nafikiri mbinguni ni kusafi -

Aking’atwa mguu anahisi uchungu muda mrefu ama anapona haraka?
-Mungu hutuponya tunapokuwa wagonjwa sio?-

 I’m close to panic now, she is looking up to me like I have all the answers, and I doubt the mother would approve of  this conversation.

Na Mungu anajali watu? Mungu anafananaje?
-Mungu ni msmart sana-

Anatoshana hivi? She’s pointing at a flower.
Ni wa rangi hii? Now pointing at  a maroon color fabric.
-Apana, ni mkubwa hivi- I’ve opened my arms very wide and I seem convincing  enough so I add. Na ana nguvu nyingi sana.

Ana nguvu e? Na akidungwa mguu anatembea na mguu mmoja hivi? 
She starts to hop about the room on one leg.
 -Labda tu kidogo –

She looks at an illustration of Jesus and asks:
Huyu ni Mungu?
-Hakuna mtu anaweza kumwona Mungu-

Basi huyu ni nani?
-Huyu ni Yesu, aliwafundisha watu kumhusu Mungu.-

 Huyu ni nani?
-Huyo aliitwa Adamu-
Adam, she repeats then, Nataka kuona Kaleb tena.

Kaleb is every child’s favourite animation.
I met this girl in the morning, she was hiding behind her mother when the mother came to pick up some kale. She was smiling . I asked her,
-What’s you name?-

Her hair was askew, and she wore no hijab
I asked - can I brush your hair?-
Beautiful hair, but dusty, dry and matted. She came back later and I brushed it, then held it into two puffs.
I thought, if  I had a daughter, she would look like her. Darker, but similar, like a startled duck.


  1. Even small children can be witnessed to.

    1. I guess if all people were like children it would be a lot easier

  2. Ok so these are your friends?what a conversation!now i know God is this big(opening my arms wide) n he wears no shoes juu mbinguni ni kusafi

    1. yes, introducing my little friends. See, this is information you will not get anywhere else and it's all verified :D