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Saturday, October 18, 2014

not open to agreement on Jonker walk, karaoke night

She sits across me and glares at me,
With a half eaten chapatti on one hand
Thick dhaal curry yellowing her other fingers.
She says- didn’t they teach you History in Africa?
- I say, Kenya.-
She says same difference.
-I’m tired of hearing it-
So I say, we have our own history, the migration, colonization
I can’t believe your Education system
-I can’t too, I say. Chemistry,  honestly. I could have done without that-
Slave trade;
she states,
paying her share of the bill, is an important piece of history.
-And so is modern slavery, I say- my grandmother worked coffee farms, 6years old-

What is that compared to the number that was sold ?
-She was a former chief’s daughter
goats as far as the horizon, all driven away in one  night-

She’s walking fast, back to No. 20, Jonker Walk
I’m not bothered, I walk as slowly as any long legged human can,
and pausing  by the bridge
I think:
The only history I’m interested in is:
In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.


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