Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Trips? Anytime

I love trips. I also dislike trips very much
Planning for a trip is exciting, the itinerary, the journey, and all the wonderful times you will have once you get to the other side.
So you pack
 And unpack
 And of course you forget your swimming costume
 Or the sundress you bought especially for this trip.

Trips can gauge the strength of a friendship, not always but in some instances.
I’ve been on trips with my single ladies
Trips with big sistaz
 And trips with the couples.
 The third I’m not about to try again.
With some I’ve been on several trips.

It starts very well. One will watch the luggage as the other sorts out last minute buys. Airtime, antihistamine. 

 And then pressure begin to build up.
Usually, my pressure
Oh no, we didn’t ask what to take to the hotel. Was it a cab or a bus?
And then I realize I brought too many gadgets along.  Two hand phones, my camera, laptop, a torch, headphone, a universal adapter, three chargers and now my shoulder is hurting.

The feeling. I‘ve spent a month and half worth of rent and this tip should end right now, I wanna go home.
 But trips are great as they expose you to the unexpected and test your ability to think and decide on your feet, which I don’t have so I have to keep saying, sorry and ringing people back to say yes of course we can squeeze in a drink with you before we leave.

 Some trips have been were really worth it.
Santosa Island with my girls Tlotlego and Esther. They wanted to see everything in the underwater world aquarium, I was happy to end my trip at the stingray pond feeding them the fresh flesh of fish.
When we packed and headed out to PortDickson for our goodbye trip, I was the one with two bags, for a weekend.
 I swam in the polluted water and got bruises. Tlotlego slept on the beach while Ivy turned to Justin Beiber.
I always look forward to our annual trip with my gal Wangu, to Arusha where the accents make us crack up each time.

 I loved traveling alone, it doesn’t do anymore.

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