Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to be Three and 10 without loosing it- A dozen Tips

 "I sincerely thought I'd be married by this age." She says to me, hoping I understand.
"On that day, I locked myself in my room and cried all day."

I look on with sympathy. I didn't expect to be married by 'that age', but I tell her I feel the same; since well, it is generally assumed all of us should be courting, engaged, pregnant with the second child or at least looking by 'that age.'

Three and 10, when it came was not a big life changing moment as I had thought it would be.

Physically, I still got the same murderous cramps.
Emotionally, sometimes only a good book can fix me.
Mentally, sometimes I'm not sure of the state I am in.
Socially, I still avoid parties.
Financially, sometimes I cannot afford bovine milk.
Economically, I still did not have my dream job.

But I have caught on pretty fast. So here are my survival tactics based on me and my friends' input.

1. Suck it Up

Just before I hit the big three oh, I got to a point when I couldn't pay rent. Would I go back home and risk being labeled boomerang kid?
Or stick it up and risk getting kicked out by the landlord?
I went back home. Sucked up my pride, worked like bunda cia Warubaga, Warubaga's donkeys. Seven months later I was back on my feet and ready to move on, but mother requested I stay on for company.



  1. Still a hot blood at 22 but taking this to heart might need it when i get to 3 and 10...niiice...you should be doing books...way higher than blogs!! Love love love:-)

    1. tihihihi. hot blood pumping in you..quite evident..we need to harness that fire.

      Thaaaanks! I am on a one month self improvement writing boot camp.