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Monday, December 12, 2016

thic chic- 5 girls you will meet and enjoy spending time with.


You have seen her. The most enterprenuering human being you will come across.
 She will have an online business, a printing  shop and will be supplying beauty products from Dubai. She will also make liquid soap and supply to all her contacts. If she has a job she works  very hard at it. On the weekends she will be with her  girlfriends  eating nyama choma in Kitengela.
She knows how  to get  money, If  she has a husband, he will  be very obedient. He brings home a ward of cash for her to manage  every Friday .

Marjorie is very generous to her friends, spoils her kids but they are  very well disciplined in spite of that. They know you don’t play games with  mommy.
Though busy and scuttling about like  the duck she is, she never leaves  the house  without lipstick and eyeliner. She will put some on you too and make you wear  that clingy dress  you don’t like but which she says brings our your thin waist. She can pull off white pedal pushers and tie a saree in minutes. She makes a great pilau, mahamri and soft chapatti in two hours and will hardly ever require a house girl. This girl will have a good, stable name like Margret or Veronicah.


Don’t mistake her. She is in every way a girl. But she walks like a boy, talks like a boy and has a job in networking.

She will mostly wear angular specs and own exactly two pairs of closed shoes from Bata. She  loves her job  and does it so well she will most definitely have another expensive hobby like skiing if in the tropics, or surfing if she lives in the mountains. She is easy going, doesn’t talk too much in a crowd, and walks with a bounce and is happy in overalls.
She has a best friend who totally gets her. They are opposites and you will wonder how two close friends  can be so different.

The Man
Heh,um, this one I’m still studying. She is not exactly Semenya but she has a manly approach to things. 

Tall girl, always. She shops at Nairobi Sports Centre and prefers Polo Shirts and Mens jeans. She is build heavily and even goes to the gym to maintain  it. She only eats meat and Ugali, and half a loaf in the morning. You won’t find her snacking on crisps, bring her a litre of yogurt and stop wasting her time. 
She will have very  feminine ways. She will know the  right  dress to buy  her mother, when called upon to make feminine dishes like vegetable rice ad fish curry she won’t disappoint and you will have  enough  food to feed the entire clan. She will also be religious and belong to several women and community groups, so she is well known  and respected in the community. She will even find time to be a community health volunteer  and attend a training about how to make your own banana flour at home.

Avril Lavigne
Avril Lavigne is a good girl  to have as a friend  especially  if you are dating  and  haven’t got a clue  what  to do with yourself. She knows  which cologne  says, I’m a classic  man and not  just landed from Hargesia. She knows  which tie  goes with  what shirt and has  sound advice for anyone including her mother. Her clothes are always in place, her hair too, but at times she is nervous about her dressing and the styles she choses to wear.

Her top three friends  will be guys. She will go out with someone her boys hate so it won’t last, coz their opinion matters more than we are letting on.  Then she eventually marries Tom, and the guys don't mind him and Tom doesn't mind all the chest thumping his wife gets when her boys come around, coz just how it is, status quo and he is the newcomer anyhow.
If you are her friend, you will be smothered with patience, she doesn't try to change you, she also doesn't mind your bad moods, she justs sits beside you and says nothing. Then you feel bad for being such  hyena.  But she is not the girl to go for girl talk, she doesn’t know how. She is a woman of action not emotion and even though she seems outgoing, she hardly says much. But she will be right there in the middle of the conversation interjecting with- no kidding!! say whaat! No way!

Baby Locks

She will wear shaggy locks, shave her hair bald, dye her hair green, wear rasta colors and play foot ball.
 You will be shocked when you find out her real name since she will only use her nickname. Barbie, Missy, Shiz.  But her real name will be Cynthia, Hannah or Patricia. She will either be taller  than every other girl , or the shortest, never of average height. 

You will think she only listens to roots  and reggae but will be surprised to find out her best boys band is Westlife. Yea, not even Backstreet Boys, Westlife.
She wears shorts and tight tube tops but guys don’t whistle. They dared, once, and she gave  them a word symphony they are not near to forget.
Baby Locks is fascinating in the fact that she will never really have a job, instead she will have gigs. 

She might belong to a football club, and travel the world and in one of the trips  she will meet another footballer and they will get married and have three kids. Roy, Bonnie and Cherrie