Tuesday, December 11, 2012

dance dance

I’m going through that phase . You know when you don’t have much to process in the mind so you have the past the present and the future trying to make sense out of the other?

If I’m alive next year around this time, I’ll mos’ def say this- how time flies. That’s all I seem to be saying these days.

I’m glad for one thing though, getting older. The wisdom that comes with it? I can’t wait to be 63 because I’m sure then wisdom will have set in..I was aiming for wisdom at my current age but I’m yet to experience it.

Never mind I’m an auntie this year..which is pretty exciting. I already have visions of taking the lil boy bouncing castles and swings. Or not, depends.

2012 started with a big disappointment though. Getting stuck in the last place I wanted to be. Even after discarding my warm clothes in favour of cottons, linens and sandals.

But great good came out of it. I can now make conversation..and even joke in Sign Language.

And I met great… No.. spectacular people this year..like the sarakasi deaf acrobats.
Cheered them hoarse- my uncle says nobody needs to be taught how to dance..it’s in our system..I think It applies here…you don’t need music to dance.

 the dome

deaf acrobats
And when I saw these hanging up by ropes..I thought-what an idea. When I had a house with high roof(I can’t spell cealing, so we just go with roof for now)..I’ll have these for my guests to recline on. :D
  A moment back stage


  1. Pretty cool stuff. My sister would love this, she is in the sign language cong.

  2. She was meant to, together with her daughter, but she cant get leave off work...