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Sunday, October 4, 2015


I miss Ghari

The nice ginger tea place near G.P.O.
But they have moved to  a suburb somewhere. It took a year to discover Ghari and their moving makes my tea experience in Nairobi difficult. I used to have another joint, deep in River road- I think it was called South Tetu Restaurant-
 They made good tea and had a conversational setting to it. I could write there. And between four and 6 p.m there would be light from the sunset.

Until they  converted the front to a pub. So my friend and I went in once or twice to eat a samosa and giggle.
Finding a tea house has been a hobby. I have another joint, in Ngara, next to sarakasi Dome. I honestly donno what it’s called. But it has brown chairs. Used to go there when I was in college to do my assignments.
My tea place has to have comfortable chair, moderate lighting and not a hint of old frying oil or meat or beer. The clientele has to be- business people too busy to notice you assigning roles to each according to their posture or dressing.
-That one has a round wife and three daughters-
-That one drives a probox-
-That one is a mechanic and had to really scrub himself before coming to this meeting-
It is not a place where some fella might ask to sit opposite you, or a family with children sitting next to you trying to decide whether to have the combo chicken with fries and a burger or just burgers. Or somewhere the lady waiters come over to shake your  kettle or take away your cup before you finish.
It is also not a place where I expect to meet anyone I know. They don’t go there.

Artwork googled, thank you very much.

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