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Thursday, October 15, 2015

pole sana ma dam

Kenyans speak in coded language a lot.
We also hardly ever use the phrase- excuse me-
Unless it is in sarcasm.
We simply nudge, wiggle, squeeze and the other Kenyan gets inspired that,
 You wish to pass through.
Unless you went to Braeburn or Hillcrest schools.

There is an unwritten code
You take a cab, he is nice,,,
 I mean you rent a school bus (how often do we take cabs?)
So you rent the bus to go on a trip and the driver is patient and entertaining.
 He joins your party, eats, plays with you.
He will charge you less, you took note of him.
So anyway, I came home the other night and wore out my eyes writing about my obnoxious neighbours. It was gonna be a powerful well thought out article.
 Power was out so I didn’t post it, then I allowed it time to ferment a little,
The next evening I found my neighbor crouched by his chicken houses. He handed me two kienyeji eggs;said I could eat those.
Two; one would be strange, three would be obscene.

"Thank you," I said.
And I came in and silently laughed very very hard.

Two kienyeji eggs =  full apology.
And the matter is closed.

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