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Friday, October 21, 2016

How to maintain your car cheaply in Kenya.

 As Australia launches its first self-driving car this month, over here we are still struggling with issues like how best to maintain a car cheaply, even as we watch and wait to see if Uber delivers on its promise to take us where Australia is. 

The real cost of a car is never a problem, the real problem is how to maintain this automobile. 2016 is a good year to own and drive a car as compared to former years. There are more dealers and new inventions and accessibility to cars have improved. But with this comes  another question, how to keep the costs at minimum. The average units of  new and used cars imported per month keeps increasing. 

Tips for First time car owners in Kenya

First time Kenyan car owners have been horrified by stories about engine knocks, brake failure and horrific accidents due to malfunction in the car system. So what is the worst that can happen to your car? And what measures should first time car owners take to ensure they enjoy the driving experience. 

Before buying a car, shop around to know what car best suits your needs. An informed decision will help you know whether to buy a 800CC-1300CC engine powered car or a 1500CC to 2000CC. This is because engine capacity differs depending on the use. A small engine is suitable for short routes, like everyday driving to work.

 If you are buying a commercial vehicle, one trick is to find out what the competition is using and not be afraid to copy them. This is not to mean that you follow the crowd, but at times, what has been tested will give better results.

How do I maintain my car in good shape?

Ever heard the phrase where there is smoke there is a fire? It applies to cars as well. Here is where all you senses come to play. You heard an unusual sound as you were driving, have it checked out. Fluid leaked from underneath the car, trace the source and have it fixed. Listen to your car and let your mechanic know if you have heard anything unusual. Otherwise a physical appraisal may not reveal all the issues you may be experiencing.
You have heard of people who name their cars, Cherrie, Teresa, and Daisy. They are not freaks. A car is like a woman in many ways. For it to shine and glow and treat you well, it needs tender loving care.

Some tender loving care for your car involves:
  • Tire pressure check
  • Coolant Level Check
  • Engine Oil check
Learn to do maintenance ask at home.

You do not have to know about all cars to be able to fix a few problems.  Every vehicle comes with a manual, don’t ignore it, it will give you an idea of the basic principles of looking after your car. This can greatly reduce the amount of cash that changes hands between you and your mechanic each month. Fuel filters, spark plugs, brake pads, oil and air filters are routine checks that you can do at home. Remember this, Google is your friend. In this age of high internet connectivity and smart forms, you can be able to get anything from how to change your windshield wipers in 10 minutes to how to change the fuses in my car tutorials.
You can also jumpstart your battery at home, and if it needs replacing, learn how to do it instead of paying for it. For ladies, learn to replace a flat. You don’t need to call a mechanic for this. Save that cash and buy some nice seat covers.
 Engine oil is also not as complicated and messy, you only need the right equipment, latex gloves, and plenty of space and you are good to go.


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  2. my sources tell me regular maintenance is the key to enjoy owning and driving a car in Kenya.