Saturday, May 27, 2017

Mathree Route Kajiado: The American Dream

I sat next to Miss lady, an education officer at Jogoo House. And she told me everything that is wrong with Kenya and Kenyans, then she told me all that is right with the US and Americans.

She said it was very important that one gets out of this country a bit to see the difference.
Of course, she then told us about her daughter living in Texas. I remembered my friend telling me about a feature article Wahome Mutahi, Wh wrote about -your moment of fame-

This is when you get a chance to travel somewhere, like I traveled to Arusha some years back, but I will always silence people by using the statement- when I was in Arusha, this and that.

‘’The roads are nothing like this flimsy Thika Highway we gape at.” Miss lady gestured.

The little girl, I mean the young lady wearing nice perfume and a little orange lace dress said she was going to study in the US.
Miss lady showed pictures of her daughter in the US
The lace wearing Miss showed pictures of her father’s family in the US.

Every young person should move to the US; study hard like my daughter, get a good job not waitressing, and send money home to build two plots, you will be sorted for life.  "If you are clever, you could even get a temporary husband."

Temporary? I asked.

“Yes, it’s very simple, you just agree with a man who is a citizen, you get married, you divorce, but, and listen carefully. Keep the divorce papers. Si now you are a citizen, what can you not do?”
“But no she would not leave in the U S. I’m too busy here, today I’m in Mombasa, Baringo tomorrow, and over the weekend I’ll go for dowry ceremonies with my friends, a little dancing always does me over.”

‘Do you know where Dreamline buses are booked?’ Miss Lace dress asked.
“You are going to Mombasa?”  Miss Lady shrieked.

“Oh, this is too wonderful, I am going to Mombasa too tomorrow, but I can book today. Then she turns to me, you know, she will pass by office when she goes to the US to study. She must get a signature form my office.”

Then they hold hands and walk happily to catch the Dreamline.

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