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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

This chic: 5 Types of relationships to keep you from toppling over

Your Boys
:) who's missing?
Your boys were created so they can restore your faith in humanity or the male species in general. If you have started going down the cynical path and you are afraid of turning into a bitter 4o year old spinster with nothing good to say about anything apart from complaining about the cost of bread these days and how much Safaricom is stealing from you everyday.
I come from a family where the ratio of boys to girls is 3:1. Off the top of my head I just counted 13. What that means is I have been in the company of boys most of my life until that time it becomes awkward, coz they are not blood brothers, though it shouldn’t, but boundaries in society make it so, so we end up missing out on important human interaction.
“Boys shouldn’t shell peas.”
“Girls should not go into cinema halls to watch DJ Afro films.”
My boy cousins are  my buddies and we have the most laughs with them and their friends become my friends too.
I guess that is why I am comfortable  around members of that race especially if they fall under the same age as my little cousins, who are not so little anymore.
Your boys are important. If they understand they are your boys, and nothing more.
Thy are important because, even when anyone else in the world does not believe in you, and even when you have stopped believing in yourself,they are right there, cheering you on.
You start to talk about the Chrysler you are going to buy and they take up the story, and send you pictures of the different colors available and you know what that does to your self esteem? 
the car
My boy friends are not surprised to receive phone calls from me, close to tears when my desktop has shut down. Regardless of whether they know about computers or not,they will come and fix it.
In standard seven, primary school, there was a big scandal that might have had me beaten up by some classmates but my boys protected me. Three of my boys ganged up with some other mean looking boys and sorted the whole affair for me and for the rest of primary school, my bffs were three boys.
In college, my boys prevented me from going into depression when I couldn’t find accommodation in the no-Africans Condos, unless you were a non-black African.


So my boys said, no matter, we’ll just pile up into one room and leave you the other one Cici. And then we all went for a ride.
Greg's missing here

Your boys must be treasured, you don't take them for granted. You give them good advice and  once in a while the outcome is positive then you know this is working.

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