Monday, June 12, 2017

Finding God: Can the fatherless race be saved then?

There is a time I didn't know God cared about me. In church they read to me Deuteronomy 23:2 – so no matter how much tithe I gave, no matter how many songs I sang, no matter how many youth projects I supported, I was still not welcome.  So I stopped trying.

But I did not stop appreciating the universe, and in the midst of my thoughts and confusion, I met a boy that asked me to read Acts 10:34,35.

And I felt stupid for all my effort at reading of the bible.  I had never read that.
So I started to think deeply about this God and the more I found acceptance from the true God, the more I wanted to be even more acceptable to Him. At last, there was something I could do that God would appreciate.

Knowing one's Creator is like going to Pixel Studios and meeting the production crew and being totally blown away by how real the meaning of animation is.
To know in the Bible God has said directly that He loves us, but the evidence of His love that I see each day, gives me peace, joy and fulfillment.

You know the song – talk? - One time I was thinking about how many times I have gushed out unintelligible streams of words in supposed prayer. Yet I was sure He heard?  And no time has He ever been unavailable to talk?  Because he was feeling sweet?  And all the hiccups you've had but when you explained things to Him, things got better? This love is like no other.
God's love
God's Love

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