Thursday, April 15, 2010

Cecilia Gathoni, my granny ,My Hero

According to her, she was born in 1942. 15 years later,
she married the cool 17 year old Munyeki, whose untiring pleads for her hand in
marriage finally bore fruits. My grandmother. A forceful ,one woman symbol of strength.
Munyeki died early, at the age of 38. My grandmother was heart broken but she was determined to go on with life. Her selflessness and daring power in her heart helped her go through the crisis . Her eager children, 7 in number acquired a fearlessness to face any situation.
A forceful trait that has been passed on to my generation.
On any day,I just need to hear her voice or think about her and anything seems possible.

I wrote this for a timed English proficiency test


  1. :)
    now i know wer u get that..nice

  2. honestly, if I was half her, things would be bit different around here. for one I'd have a house. A two level one ;)