Monday, April 26, 2010


I almost forgot to write. It’s been a busy day. I’m back to stitching bags for a living, so I’ve been sitting on the floor all day. I also got a proof reading gig and that’s what I’ve been doing this evening, even though it’s like paraphrasing, not easy but good, and if it’ll buy me food for two days, I’ll bring out allt he Longmans and Macmillan’s.
My friend Robert has taken the challenge to help me translate my stories into Swahili, so I sent him one story which I edited(punctuation and word arrangement) last night. I also sent it to Lluvia for the Illustrations. Why didn’t I translate it myself? I tried, but after not speaking Swahili or even Swanglish for two years, I have forgotten even basic words like what’s color brown in Swahili?
Sewing is calm and relaxing, it’s also a chance for deep thoughts.
I might be full of regrets and worry and wondering- what was I high on when I said yes I’ll go to Malaysia, but now I begin to realize the reason I said yes. Everyday I learn something new about myself I never knew. Like I always thought I was the nicest, most reasonable, likable and kind person in the universe.
I also had the vain idea that I’m clean and neat.
After sharing apartments with different people and personalities. I begin to realize, oh no, I still need a few more years to work on this and that.
If nothing else, Malaysia is a training ground.
After this, I won’t be any richer, younger or prettier.
Hopefully, I’ll be more easy to put up with. Perhaps I’ll stop staring at my own nose all the time.


  1. Nice you remembered us(your audience). Always interesting to follow the thoughts your developing over the days. Now while your own stories need2be typed, you're spending your evenings proof reading some Scotsman for your living-that's too bad. You should post a donation call, or better start a petition: "1% of VATtaxes for talented artists" However you're gonna be richer in experience nd remain a young mind and pretty too

  2. Oilen, you just made my day. I should follow your advice about the donation.
    Thank you for your audience