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Monday, August 27, 2012


Silence!Silence, please.
 Let’s have some quiet,
 A moment with my thoughts
 My contemplations
 To listen to this eerie cry
 And blink this huge tear-
 The staccato that connects different seasons of pain-
 Blanketed in loneliness.
 Sighing whenever
 I wink this stare
Shifting from this palm,
 To that palm,
 On this  chin.
 You understand,
 Drumming fingers.
 A far thought- Like a flicker-
 From a dry kerosene lamp.
Then anxiety.


  1. Thanks Bridget for reminding me this was meant to be a creative blog :) I have some old poems that could fill this out well

  2. I enjoyed reading this Sigh poem, very nice...

  3. thanks for reading and commenting. More to come

  4. I worried about your creativity the time you reported about the glands of your cat. This must have been the bottom of a valley from where it went up again :-)

  5. Hihihi, Nelio, thanks for the comment.
    You know what they say- a woman has to crash before she comes up again-