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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

You’re fresh, inimitable.
Like they pronounce good quality.
Your reflection:
 silver and gold
like loyalty.
strutting confidently with,
an assured sense and
a dash of weird
hey Cowboy
your picture is complete.


  1. Have you every heard this poem by Ntozake Shange’s called Somebody almost walk off wid alla ma stuff, performed by Loretta Devine? This little snippet reminded me of it... I also enjoy her performance of the poem "No Assistance"written by the same poet...

  2. hey, I just discovered- For colored girls who have thought of suicide when the rainbow is enough-
    among my books.
    Now i rem why I never read it. I've never thought of suicide,
    When I bought it I thought- well, yu never know, the rainbow may be enough someday. So av never read it.

  3. The poetry is amazing.
    I watched the movie, there were some disturbing parts, but the poetry is pretty good.