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Monday, September 10, 2012

this moment is complete

Between snaps of
  I  wonder
Again, whether
 This is all a dream
 A really realistic Dream where,
I wake up with the aroma
Of flavours tasted
And the shiver of-
Near feelings confessed
The warmth of a Warm evening ray
Unblocked by the chilly evening wind.

Hey Lilly
Is this real?
 I dreamt we had rice wine together
In tiny budded royal blue porcelain
Embedded in white
The child playing a constant din with that plastic toy
On the dvd machine
The plastic beads inside broke out, like-
A dry pea pod at noon
And skidded down the stairs, settling
Between the bottles of salted eggs
And a midst your heavily accented words
I understood
 You once had dreams too
Now tangled up in others’ dreams
 Your partner,
 Your children
 Your work
Like the sweet potato vines in your back yard
 Growing among the nettles and thin mulberry.
You dreamt, you’d travel across, along and above the great sea that surrounds you.
 To listen to words served on foreign tongues
To sling a camera around your neck and pose
Long long minutes below monuments.
Dark glasses and sunny hats in place
Speaking Portuguese
Like you’ve seen in them lip-synched television programmes

The Kway Teow is cold now, down stairs.
 You wanna put it away fro breakfast
So you lift a tendoned  leg
And instead pull out a book off the shelf of many books.
-get me an African recipe out of that-
I trace a finger on the Suji and Kidney recipe.
The dog smells the page
Licks my face
The child is snoring on the floor
 You pour me another syrup starch syrup.

The house of therapy
To describe the carefree talks we  can have
Me on the single couch
You sitting on the pillow, ripping seams.
The child, an extra.
Therapy here means
The weight I’ve shed
As I speak with truth
Of sometimes ad hock existence
Like me backpacking back then
Lo! The scolding you gave. About putting myself in line for rape-
You are wise Lilly
I am done being a tomboy. I am, well, I have girl friends now.
I’ m a little less dreamy.

It’s hot
We eat agar agar
 Your other girl wakes up to pee
-Already 2pm mummy, when you gonna sleep ah?-
We are tired
But day break represents interruptions
Schedules and responsibilities

The night should last forever
The winking stars
Should never blink
Or fade
Or shy away from day
Coz this moment is complete as it could be.


  1. "To listen to words served on foreign tongues," I like that....

  2. really? I spent sometime on that particular line, guess it was worth the time then :)