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Thursday, September 13, 2012


We didn’t see the seven mountains ahead of us.
We didn’t see how they were always ahead,
Always calling us,
Always reminding us there are more things to be done,
Dreams to be realized,
Joys to be rediscovered,
Promises made before birth to be fulfilled
Beauty to be incarnated
And love embodied.

We didn’t notice how they hinted that nothing is ever finished,
That struggles are  never  truly  concluded,
 that some-times we have to re-dream our lives,
and that life can always be used to create more light.

Al last, I can read a Ben Okri. I’ve always  wistfully read the back cover of his books in bookshops  thinking,
 Oh well, maybe one day ther’l be an earth quake and books will be strewn all over the streets.
Well, that has happened, there are books strewn  all over the streets, selling like bread.
The above excerpt is from the two opening paragraphs from Ben Okris-Songs of Enchantment.
I read the first page in the bus last night and I don’t wanna go ahead. Strange. Yeah, I want to think about it first, knowing I have another horde of chapters yet to be read. : )


  1. any chance i can read after you....?

  2. Yes Moose. Will pass it on

    Bridge, there's this book- the power of one by a South African writer. look for it, it's quite funny