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Thursday, August 13, 2015


"You on the other hand, look closer to the menopause than the mortuary."

Midlife has just begun and boy ain’t I scared-
Bff Wangũ calls it menopause.
And rightly so, for death is a relief but menopause; it drags on and on.

I don’t say it in mockery. For a few months, me and three of my bffs have been suffering from aching backs and aching legs and reduced energy, fatigue and an almost obsessive need to tell everyone to shut up because you can’t keep up with all the chitchat.

We are the spoilers at parties coz we wanna get home early. We won’t visit water with children in case they fall and drown and we’ll be blamed for kids drowning with adults were around.

Bff Karen calls it the 40’s phenomenon and we are taking a while to adjust.

Meanwhile; we have taken to home remedies for aging. Bone soup never ceasing, fish to keep our brain working, and green leafy vegetables (these cure everything right?...right?)

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