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Monday, July 4, 2016

Legal Weed: 5 Types of weed that are completely legal.

This is practically what I fed by rabbits everyday, after fighting off the sheep that would start pulling the pile from under my armpits, I’d stagger to the hatches and pack up these weeds. We discovered they are edible later in life. Mũng’ei is soft, and better mixed with the following four. If you have heart burns and acid influx, chew some of this too, the juice is as good as any anti acid.

If on a Sunday afternoon, you have ever walked through a maize farm that has not been weeded, wearing your viscose cotton dress, perhaps to pick some green maize to roast by the fire, you know this weed. And you know if that was not your favorite dress you might have set it on fire that same day. The seeds have a way of dispersing themselves by attaching them to Sunday wear.

Mũhehenje or mũcege has a strong aroma so, use only a few leaves. I am told it can used in place of tea leaves too. Will try in August.


In January, there are few green leaves to be got, but this weed survives it all. So we would feed it to the rabbits. You can use it in mashed food too. It’s texture is like pumpkin leaves, so you know you’ve got to mix it with something lighter.

Mũriaria/ mũthũnga,

Mũriaria means, it secrets milk. And this is rabbit’s favourite dinner. But if you are in Malindi, you will see it being sold in bunches next to spinach. It is a little bit bitter, but they tell me it prevents malaria and is high in magnesium.

I had to eat this one to believe you could it without poisonig yourself. I know cows love it. It doesn’t have a distinct taste, but I was told it is rich in iron.

There is more than one way to make a maize meal go down as you can see.

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