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Monday, September 19, 2016

Online Writing Tips for freelance writers

The question I got recently was- I only write fiction, can I apply for online writing jobs? And an accompanying article that got me so intrigued I suggested the writer send it to
 So can you write about other topics if you only have experience in one topic?

The writing police will tell you to focus on one form of writing, so that you can become better and eventually become an expert. True;that works for  print media, where they require you to write on a specific topic every month and your cheque matures on the 10th of the next month just like that.
For five years I wrote about ICT and Agriculture for Business and Finance magazines. It involved visiting farms, Agricultural shows, Veterinaries, Productin Units. Places I didn’t mind very much. Farmers are generous. One farmer gave us a basket of broccoli, beet root and spinach. Another let us pick mushrooms from his farm.

That is print media. The work is alright, the pay is alright but it can get repetitive if that’s all you are doing. You need to changamka a bit and mix in a little online writing.

What do you need to become an online writer?
Two things: 
  •   Love the internet
  •   Have an imagination.
Writing is just about arranging words to fit into the desired outcome. Remember, words are like fabric in a tailor’s hands. The fabric can become anything when handled right. Handle words right and you will come up with anything.
handle words like fabric
What I do:
Say you are only good at writing health articles, then out of the big blue sky you are asked to write five articles about condominiums in the Bahamas.
I arrange my research into three parts, by thinking of titles I can work with. This is where my imagination comes in. I come up with titles like;

  •   Why you should get a Condominium that doesn’t offer lift service in the Bahamas.
  •  Two bedroom Condominiums available for small families!
  • Will moving to a Condominium in the Bahamas improve my physical health?
I then search my keywords around these. The last two articles will be easy to write, you just need titles like;

  • Consider Bahamas Condominiums for your retirement
  • Beach Condominiums in Bahamas, 2016.

  So you see you can still throw in something about health in all the above titles.

(pictures all google imaged)