Saturday, September 17, 2016

Socializing the introvert- 5 reasons we are avoiding you and no, we don’t hate you.

Did you just have two Red-bulls?

No? Well, why are you screaming, cheering, jumping, spinning?
 I cannot understand what you’re saying. You are an explosive, and we are afraid if you ask us to go bungee jumping we might just say yes.
 If we are avoiding you it doesn’t mean we hate you, or we got another bff. It just means we cannot handle that amount of energy right now. 

Baga Baga

Baga Baga (fager fager) is  kikuyu word for restlessness it means, you are too busy. I feel like I am staring at prints and stripes and lots of sunshine and I feel confused.
We like calm, but you keep getting up every few minutes. You are unnerving us. We feel like we need to step out to give your ADH some space.

You are asking questions

Gathoni, are you okay?
 Gathoni, are you bored?
 Gathoni, are you feeling alright?
Are you sure you are not bored?  Shall we leave?
Gathoni, say something.
I am okay, I am not bored, I already said I like the party, I am having fun sitting here, saying nothing. Okay?

You have info and you want info.

 We like to listen to stories, but not stories about other people’s domestic arrangements. That is worse than watching Mexican soaps. We don’t want to know who bought a big house but is now broke.
You are surprised we didn’t hear Kim broke up with Monica?
 Tell us about the strange shoe maker who makes fancy clocks out of old shoes. That, we wanna  know.

You like to twist our hand

We introverts can be very very free, easy, laid back  and all that. But if we discover you have  found a way to make us do things we haven’t thought about, planned for and turned it around the head for the last three months, we will keep off. Whether it is something good or bad. We move at our own pace.
It’s true, I like that dress, it’s only 200 bob, it would look good on me. But I am not gonna buy it. Not today, and don’t even try to buy it for me, I’ll never wear it, unless you are a female relative, then I don’t have much choice.


  1. I love your style of writing,I should come for lessons..but wait how??I am a bagabaga and I might just start asking if you are bored...I can hardly stick to one place for more than 15 mins unless I really have to so these lessons hmmmm...let's first learn how to deal with introverts who btw I find a bit(insert a polite adjective for boring)then I'll be at your doorstep knocking...hehe nice piece!!!

  2. Are we boring?
    What if I say that is just a mask we put on so you can leave us alone? ;)

    Let's do these lessons, we can do them on the go.