Friday, August 26, 2016

5 non-mainstream movies you need to check out

Hollywood is great, and they have all the gadgets. I hear Nollywood is entertaining too.
But I find that non- mainstream movies stick in my mind longer. Check out these five if you are looking for something different. I can hardly watch a movie twice, but these five,,, give me any day.

        1. Hero
This was not a movie of my choice but I had to review it in Digital Film Class. The director is the same guy that choreographed the 2008 China Olympics. Some of these scenes are computer generated but whoa. Check this..color color.

The mock battle on the water, and the other where all the petals are red, or yellow. Cinema is about being carried into another world, and this movie does that for me.

In this scene they pay an old man to play a haunting tune that mingles with the rain outside.

 2. Run Lola Run

I watched this movie at Goethe Cultural Centre Nairobi many many years ago but I still remember it. Great background music. I like stories like these. Simple story-line. The contrast was the girl's hair.

  3.  Parineeta

I have many Bollywood favorites but Parineeta remains top on the list because it really gives us a view of the Indian countryside. My favorite shot is when the children are singing:
Kasto Majja Hai Lelaima
Ramailo O Kalee Odhalee
I watch Bollywood for its poetry, costume and clever quotes. The above scene, when the two are singing that song they made up together as kids is another fav.
 4. Our Times
 Is a Taiwanese Movie that again, has a simple story-line, but with funny twists. You will laugh, and cry and then fall in love with the bad guy, coz he is really cute and not the bad guy in the end. 
it's true, sometimes your nemesis becomes your sidekick

    5.  Amélie
My ex gave me years ago and somehow I only understood it when I watched it the third time.

 He said I should  stop taking care of everybody's happiness and look after myself for once! Well.. that came out all wrong and I just kept walking in the other direction. but I liked the movie anyways.

 You really have to pay attention to this movie, it has good music like -Juno- If you are a nerd you will love it.  I have been meaning to clip out a tiny scene though, just like in Juno.

That's my list, feel free to add.


  1. Now am curious.. Need to see Amelie, Hero and Run Lola run

  2. I do like to look for things noone else catches.
    heres a book you MUST read -the elegance of a hedgehog.
    still working on getting you teeny tiny women to read.

    1. A hedgehog can be elegant? Hmm.. I would love to read the books.. Hook me up

    2. halfrican, I tried Tiny women audio and couldn't go beyond a chapter,,too many voices. I think I need to read the text myself.
      and nice to know someone else liked Amélie:D