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Friday, August 26, 2016

5 Reasons Hillpark Hotel is queen of the South Coast

Queen may refer to:
a female monarch who reigns in her own right having equivalent status to a reigning king

If you have had a long day dragging cameras, interviewing random people, trying to fake a Coast  Swahili accent and not doing it successfully, you know you need to go somewhere to let it out.

For us, our home has been HillPark Hotel, Tiwi located at South Coast.
We stumbled upon it one evening after work We wanted somewhere  next to the beach, but for a good rate.

1.Service and Security

From the hotel manager, Mr. Kuria, to the receptionist Catherine to the intern Moses who I met at the bar during a morning walk, to the security guards, the swimming pool attendant. Everyone is so cool and professional. You just need to make a phone call and any issue will be fixed, even if it is bringing you extra shampoo at 11 p.m.
This is one hotel I have felt completely secure. We hardly ever locked the doors or used the safes provided. It could be that the entire place is lighted all night through. This means you can do these two activities at any time.

2.Nature trail
Hillpark Hotel stands on 80 acres of ground. If you can get out of the heavy set beds and take a walk, you will be able to enjoy nature in its own setting.
well kept grounds, you don't need a guide.
The vegetation is pristine, and the big trees are all well labeled so you know what you are looking at. There are birds, butterflies, lizards,  I don’t like monkeys but they got that kind that has blue fur in certain places which I find hilarious.

3. Star Gazing
One day we got to HillPark Hotel so late so we had missed the swimming pool, and we couldn’t swim in the sea, there was only one activity to do: Star gazing. We were disappointed there was no moon but surprise surprise, it came out. I love looking at stars, but looking at stars on the beach, with waves as a background? You  haven’t lived until you try this.

It is great that unlike other hotels we have been to, HillPark hotel keeps their beach light on.

4. The swimming Pool

If  the tide is in and you need a swim, get into the pool. You won’t regret it it is big  enough with a little fountain.

We were always late coming back from work but they would give us half an hour to splash about before they put in the chlorine. If you are up for a game, they have scheduled pool games.

5. Go Snorkeling!

When the tide goes out. It leaves behind waist deep pools of water where you canget on your gear and spend the afternoon looking at blue fish, stripped fish and sea urchins.

 my favourite spots

There is restaurant. I am sure they make great food, but we have mostly made our own food to eat at the Gazebo. Naivas and Nakumatt are just  10 minutes drive away so you can get your supplies and cook up a storm at HillPark's fully fitted kitchens.

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