Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Little humming bird poem

As sunrise warmed and calmed the receding sea
 The little humming bird set his foot on a dewy leaf,
Swaying in the gentle breeze.

Petals fell off the vine, scattered on the wet sand below
And he,
full of the morning lightness, chuckled inside himself-
Another morning,  another victory.
He carried it inside his chest.
 This morning the humming bird seemed to have a secret tune inside
A song that spread his joy about him.
 The sun golden on his back.
The humming bird that sat on a vine chuckling away.
We could tell tales of the morning
But we’d never know the real stories that fired the joy within
The laughter, the resounding
Pure joy in himself.

Perhaps it was the intoxication
Of the sea beyond
As the lacey waves touched the reef,
Sweeping away sea weed, sea life, sea..
The humming bird saw it and sang another cheerful tune that rose and fell with the waves at CP1.

And as a gentle breeze raised the fresh soft petals off the white sand,
He flew away happily.