Friday, August 26, 2016

we laughed outdoors

When reason failed
when weakness of mind,caused weakness of heart
an obstinate heart pressured a lenient mind.

So we laughed outdoors
coz if we stopped
we’d never dam the flood of tears that
threatened to come down.

We laughed for as long as we laughed the tears were not as painful
as they would have been had we cried,
sobbed like a night mare,
bowled like a loss,
yowled like deep hurt,
heaved like the distress-
that burned inside.

Laughter in its volumes lined the walls
against the bile.
So we laughed and laughed
and laughed bitterly.
inspired by this line: "even at our swiftest speed,we could not break from the concrete, in the city where we reside."
 and a bunch of other stuff going through my mind when I am trying to damage control situations that sometime could get out of hand.

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