Saturday, November 28, 2009

Like a brother

He left a song in my heart
A memory
a story that spins and spins.
He touched me, forever.

He taught me values,
like patience and sharing
like proper words and diction.

He danced,
gave me laughter
and fed me berries
Sometimes I call to say wasup.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Every Good Gift, and Every Perfect Present is From Above

I’ve found peace
In long quiet evenings sipping tea
Listening to well prepared music
Thinking back to days gone by.

I’ve found a smile
Looking at yellow and Orange flowers
And red drying petals, scented white jasmine
A red beaked bird sipping nectar

I’ve found happiness
As I munched fresh cucumbers
And chewed simsim grains from my palm
Flat noodles are a favorite

I’ve found ecstasy
When calming words
Calmed and soothed my heart
Psalms and Proverbs, Isaiah too.

I’ve found love
Quietly, completely, forever
Giving all of me
Give and take puts pressure

I’ve found pleasure
Looking at gushing water falls, a meter high
Crushing sea waves that make me cry
And sunsets so red, so golden, so beautiful

I’ve found friendship
Around me, trusting, special
They get me,
I understand them.

I’ve found serenity
As I blended among crowds
Lost in my thoughts
Alive in my meditations

I’ve found comfort
In your letters, Paul
Firmly grounding me
Necessary training to be unmovable.

I’ve found freedom
In dressing, recreation and food
In views and reasoning
In truth.

I’ve found faith
Peace, Smiles, happiness, ecstasy
Love, pleasure and friendship
From the giver of all that is good. and google

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Blessed be Jehovah, who Daily Carries our Load

The sun is shinning the flowers have blossomed
The birds are singing, the trees carry fruit
The well is bubbling, the streams are clear
The mountains are nodding, the dogs bark in unison.

She’s got all her children by her side
He’s stroking his wife’s hair, alone no more
Dan can walk again, I met him up the hill
And Jackie answers when you call her name.

Everyday we wake with a smile, a laugh
Unbelieving how beautiful a day can be:
Cheap water, food and light
And this house my brother built for me.

Today we listen to David sing the psalms
It’s a day of feast to Jehovah
His never failing word, his love-
The joy he’s flooded in our hearts.


Thursday, November 12, 2009

You have been staring at a Photoshop page the whole day.
Your group members forgot to submit their parts to you. Tomorrow there is an exam, you could read, but you don’t have all the notes. Your eyes hurt.
Yesterday, when printing out a report you clicked on the wrong document and printed 35 pages of a report on sugarcane growing in Brazil, your report was on the History of Malaya.
Your pen drive vanished when you were queuing to print in the library.
Your computer keeps freezing, and the internet connection is extremely slow! You only slept this morning, for an hour. You’ve been eating friend rice all week
You asked for an extension for your report two weeks ago, you wish you had just, 2 more days, but it’s Thursday evening. If you don’t hand it in tomorrow you will certainly get a DNC(did not complete)You have an exam, a presentation, and you need to go to the bank tomorrow.
You look at google and feel very tempted to copy and paste, at least 1000 words, but you’re not like that, you want the 5,000 words to be “all” you.
You receive a text from home saying hey things are thick can you stretch the dollar another month? You stretched it last month you wonder how good its elasticity is.
Your bills doubled this month, transport increased, and your efforts to get a job are met with a tight, sorry smile.
Your Computer finally crushes. You meant to back up your assignments today. If only you had not spent hours reading people’s profiles on FB…
Maybe I can re-do them tonight, you think.

I feel you...


Monday, November 9, 2009


Day break.
With one eye open
-I regard the rays stealing into my room wondering-
Is this the day I find myself?

I’ve changed
Distracted by the world created for me
A breakable world.
A world with limitations.

The curiosity to explore and learn,
Has been pushed far, ignored.

You’ve become my decision maker
In this box of a world.
Shame, to be changed
To be content within these walls.

But I’m breaking out
Slowly, carefully, I’m saying-enough.


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Slam Poetry

This is about staying awake,
thinking how it would be nice to end my day with a word from you,
Trying to remember what you said when we last talked,
how you stood…

This is about days when
I don’t wanna wake up,
thinking it’s another long day
and not a chance to meet you.
To see your face, your beautiful face……

This is a bout the way your eyes get soft when you look at me,
yes they do,
and my breathing gets uneven.
When I talk to everyone else
while all I want is to stand next to you and say nothing

This is about times I catch myself wondering when,
and if,
we’ll ever confirm our feelings,
or like strangers in a train
-the look will never be explored further.

This is about things that go on in my head,
when I wonder why is this time so different,
have I fallen?
Even though they say it shouldn’t be sad,
I’m sad at times.

This is about the different flavours that come alive,
the feelings I have for you,
when I see you,
– when I hear you-
when I spend hours looking at you,
until you become transparent,
so I turn away from the screen

This is about listening to love songs and nodding,
when they say all the things I wanna say to you,
all the things I wish you you’d say to me.
When we are together.

This is about daydreaming about our life together
And the room I’d make for you in my life,
and be dedicated to you wholly,
without a starry side glance ever.

This is about your odd ways and manner,
Your silence and charm,
How attractive I find you-
This is about,
how strongly my soul feels attached,
woven to you,
how I never want another man.

This is about times when I wonder,
Will you come right out with it
Or should I continue to pretend that
I just want to be friends?

Title-What this is about

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Keep me concealed in your heart
Let my memory, like a sweet song curve your lips into a smile
Know that I have loved you.

If I leave, let me go unbound
For forever we’re strapped together
No matter the time, no matter the distance
Keep this feeling wrapped in trust
Let the days make it grow, and bloom into something wonderful for keeps.
Remember the honor

If another’s heart should take peek
And the face of whose beauty shines-
Interest reflects,
If there be a shift, be kind to my heart, be gentle

Keep my love alive
Let my eternal love energise your bones,
I have loved you eternally, endlessly.

pic-Jupiter Images.

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