Monday, November 13, 2017

a poem

Come here you strange girl

You are not one to let go and have  some fun.

But I stared you in the face

You stared back and glared.

 I smirked and you said:

Let’s wrestle it out.

 I obliged so we wrestled.

 You had me on the ground. You did.

 But I heal quick

So I sprung back up

Spurn you down.

Maybe we can be friends, I said.

We’ll pour ourselves a drink

 We’ll drink it stiff

 We don’t even have to talk.

You are a strange girl October.

a 2010 poem but still relevant.

Monday, November 6, 2017

TFR- Insipired to think better, feel better, aim higher

How old are you?
Has your boyfriend asked for sex yet?
 No, he would never. He's saved.
A man is man, try suggesting it to him, you'll see how much saved he is.

Anyway, you need to learn self defense
 You'll teach me?
Yes, I'll teach you kick boxing and Tae Kwon do. Come here...ei, you are just fat and flab, what do they feed you in that school? We start today.
 Okay, I'll put on trousers
What do you wear for support?
Because, you child with may questions, you need more than a bra.
 I have a boob top
Is it firm?
 Yeah,,, I guess

Efficiency, why we must learn to be.

 There are no schools that you will sign up to to learn how to be efficient. Most will teach you a profession or a skill and it's up to ...