Thursday, July 23, 2020

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Your Shallow and Incomplete Guide to Cooking Food.

For People who live alone or with cats and have eaten too much indo mee and are starting to wonder 'what is the purpose of my life?' 

 Relax. Good news here.

 I had an interesting conversation today. Do you know what is the difference between Kenyans and Americans during this Covid? Trump? 

No. Our poverty. The fact that we can grow our own greens behind our house and the landlord will think 'or nice, some landscaping at last' means while many in the developed world are affording vitamin suppliments and health insurance, 
sisi tunakimbilia ndimu za mbao hapo nje. (Lemons are five shillings each) 

 Have you been to the market lately? 
Have you seen the potatoes? 
Have you seen the cabbages? 
Na minji? And the Avocados?

 One theory is that last season was so productive in-spite of the locusts and despite the floods that spoilt most of the September and and October crop. 

 They other theory is that with restaurants and hotels shut down, the Grade one vegetables have been redirected to the mwananchi markets. 
Does this apply to flowers I wonder. @Homegrown si you just send me one bunch of yellow roses. 
Moja tu. 

 So when my uncle's wife (Tata) called to tell me she wanted to send me a package from home. I was thinking. Eeeeeeeee. I'm not sure.
 'The country is open and I know someone who is coming to Nairobi this week.' 
She said. She asked what I need. 
I said maybe beans? She asked which beans. I said 'let me try the yellow ones, I've heard they don't give gas.' 
Then she said she had pumpkins.
 'Ai Tata, mūrenge ngūtwara kūū?' 
(What will I do with a pumpkin)
 I eat pumpkins. The problem is Tata's pumpkins grow into such huge sizes it would take me a whole month to finish one. She said she had a small one. 

 Then she said she had Pamelo. 
 Pamelo is a fruit they discovered they could grow on the farm recently. It looks like a green eggplant. If you eat it on a cold day you might think you are eating something of a goat's menu. 
 But if you eat it it standing in the middle of the farm on a hot day with the hot soil under your feet. Then it's refreshing. 
It doesn't even occur to you that you are eating the sweeter version of ndongu (Sodom apple). 
I did press ups this morning and now my chest hurts. 
For a moment I thought corona was creeping up on me. 

 So Tata packed a package and of course she packed one month supply of potatoes because 'what else could I be eating' and when I got them in the evening and told her she scolded me. 

 'You mean they were brought to your gate? Now see. I could have even sent you maize but you are too wishy washy. Now see. But he is faithful for bringing you today. Ata I could have sent you milk and eggs.' 
(kione ii, kione ii uria uranyamarika, ni mwiiro wa ngoro ii ouria utakinyaga... 
) humming in my head because she was basically telling me 'I told you so.' 
 'Tata you said you packed Pomelo. This is white sapote.' 

'Ooo, ah, I mixed them up.' White Sapote looks like a Japanese Apple inside but with a smooth skin. 
So the pumpkin came. 
And I cut it in half and gave away half. 
And made bread with the rest. 
That is the very thing I want us to cook this week. 
And that story about yellow beans not making you gassy is not true. 

 Pumpkin Pan Bread.

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Your Shallow and Incomplete Guide to cooking food for people who now have to catch and kill their own food.

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