Sunday, October 7, 2018

Old trees and Book spines

I like old trees
I like dry trees too
I like walking in between many high trees
I like to smile at dogs, and cats
I believe they understand
I like old people
They are more content in life
They see no need to hurry
They have seen too many people
They have been to many places
The know the limits of life.

I like to sing with my friends
I like to walk into my house and feel it embrace me
After a long day my house is my friend
I like to look at the sunset out of the kitchen window
I like to look at flowers growing outside my door
And watch the rain dripping at the corner of my house.

 I love the sound of the night
 When the moon is bright and the stars dance
I like to meet new people who smile
I like to watch shy people talk
I love when two people fall in love
And do not realise it.

I like to look at book spines
Because books are my friends
I love the sound of soft guitar
And the smell of brewing tea
I like listening to honeybees in the morning
Most of all I like to listen to people
When they share their hopes and fears, their dreams and histories.
well, almost.

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