Wednesday, September 27, 2017

are we there yet? The Perks of being middle aged in 2017

The world is rocking and shaking and breaking apart. I am on the planet too.
Here are the many ways I could die:

  •  Hacked to death
  •   Stray bullets
  •  Earthquake
  •   Car crush
  •   Cholera
  •   Floods
  •   Hunger and starvation.
But I cannot stop living now that I haven’t died yet.

Here are the list of things I could do anyways:
  1.  Plant some flowers in a jar on the kitchen window
  2. Smile at people and hug them while I still got hands
  3. Finish  my work and stop procrastinating
  4. Appreciate what I have
  5. Look at the stars while the sky is clear
  6. Eat cupcakes, they make the world rotate right. In fact if the earth was a giant cupcake we would all be fine.   

Sunday, September 3, 2017

Writing Tips- I'm here just for the story really,,and maybe the muffins,they have chocolate chips.

the A crowd

Is it correct to mention that we have fooled ourselves into thinking that there is only one best company to have. And if you are not in it then you are not living enough, nor are you getting the best out of  the human community and your existence on this planet has been a waste.

Did we bury our head into the grime that believes there is an A class which depending on your proximity to it defines who you are, what you can do and what opportunities come to you.
 Or did I get lost in the social classifications that naturally pair off:

beautiful people with other  beautiful people,
talkative people with their loose lipped fellows,
forward looking business side hustling people with their Twende mbele Sacco members
 and birds of a feather flock together
 but what if I’m an ostrich that prefers the company of a weaver bird?

In my desire to know people,
 experience people,
and watch human behavior,
I can usually see the invisible lines that join people together, the traits that draw one living being to another- she looks like my mother I think I can trust her. He looks like my big brother, he will make a good husband for me. She is wearing the same type of shoes I almost bought last week- we can go shopping together. She looks like someone with great connections, let me befriend her-you never know. He looks like someone we could get into trouble together-let’s go bungee jumping…

At times when I go into a meeting or workshop where people don’t know each other, I can usually guess which people will stand at a corner together at tea time and exchange numbers so they can forward each other whatsapp memes, which two will sit and get second helpings of the food at lunch and make a lot of noise. Those who are anxious to find a best friend, make an impression, make a beneficial connection, be complemented for their spot on make up…. 

I’m just here for the story, really, and yes  I will check out your website if it loads fast. 

But in spite of this anxiety to belong to another human or be part of a human herd, each human in the end determines the kind of crowd they really want to hang out with.
It might be a decision made when you turn 25 and realise adulthood has hit you. It might be at 45 when you really have nothing to loose anymore, it might be at  78 when you are just okay with things, as long as your feet stay warm.

I saw two old women holding hands as they walked. It seemed like none had the strength to walk upright alone. They were going to collect their monthly upkeep from the Government Office. I wanted to ask them if they are friends or sisters and if I could take a picture of them. But I was hurrying off for a meeting….yes I I’m just too chicken to walk up to people and start conversations in case we end up hugging and planning to meet for tea every Thursday.

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