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Best breakfast recipes for any season

It is not unusual for one to easily come up with the best breakfast recipes in summer season, but to be completely out of ideas in colder seasons. This is because, your idea of a breakfast maybe a fruit and juice in the morning, but them, how about those cold wintery mornings? A Cold glass of pineapple juice looses its appeal; light foods such as mere toast with a spread may not be idea for cold morning start. So how strike the balance? Stealing into some of these suggestions and adapting them to suit your family’s need will help your find the balance regardless of the weather.

black pepper pumpkin soup

 In summer, you can get off easily by the usual recipes and generally accepted morning food intake. So, pack up your fridge with nutritious fruits like water melon, berries, bananas for their vitamin and mineral content. Next, have an array of nuts such as pistachio nuts, peanuts, macadamia, and pecans, for carbohydrates, you can choose to bake healthy muffins or whole meal bread, so have a pack of flour for days when baked items have ran out or you want to make some pancakes. It also helps to have nut butters and fruit jam and vegetables to assist in sandwich making.

When paired with milk or yogurt, the above ingredients actually form the best breakfast recipes. Take for instance berries can be arranged in a glass with a choice of nuts and dressed with yogurt, to make both an appetizing presentation as well as a healthy one. In summer, having an iced milkshake is a great way to kick start the day feeling fresh. Ensure that the milkshake give you most of the nutrients  you require  to feel energized by adding nuts and dried fruits to the mixture.
The best breakfast recipes for cold weather are hot options. Think of steaming casseroles, hot oatmeal and coffee. An oatmeal or bulgur meal is favored for the fact that, it can be combined with milk, fruit and even vegetables to make it even more energizing. Flavor it with honey or banana to give you the healthy sugar kick. Eat this up with you favorite beverage to keep the shivers away; as long as there is activity in the stomach, one cannot possibly be too cold.

Even the thought of a casserole dish can start to make you body feel warm. The best breakfast recipes for winter include a casserole. To ensure that the dish gives you full value, cook the right amount in the right size to avoid a complete dry out, or having to add water every few minutes. Try this old favorite; fry some sausages in a pan then arrange them into a casserole, since sausage cooks fast, add a choice of vegetables. These could be a big white onion, garlic, ginger and cayenne pepper. When this has cooked to your satisfaction, wrap these in crepe or tortilla bread. Serve with a small fruit such as tangerine or apple slices and nobody will remember it is winter. The cayenne ensures the vitamin C requirement is met early in the morning to guard you against colds.

Saudi Arabia’s Economic growth, not just from oil.

The mention of Saudi Arabia brings to people’s mind oil, oil mining and everything petroleum. Which really is not far fetched since that is the main income earner for the country, but there is more to the country that is 98% desert. Even in the presence of that much bare dry desert, the nation has molded itself into a strong economy that has its feet firmly grounded among other huge economies in the world. It has the largest crude oil production units, and in comparison to the rest of the world, it produces 16% of all of the world’s oil consumption.
The oil contributes to 45% of the GDP and earns 80% for the Government in revenues a quite impressive percentage. It is no wonder that on average, the public can afford to drive oil guzzlers and not feel the heat so to speak
In the recent past, the government has been in talks with investors as it plans to build even more economic cities. The catch in this is, unlike the norm where foreign investors have found the strict business regulations to be intrusive, in these cities, business friendly regulations will be practiced. This will include lenient dress code for workers in the cities, especially women. Saudi Arabia has strict dress code for women, something that has made investors to hold back from bringing in talent from outside. These cities will also have   modern infrastructure. This is not just a statement, to date, the country boasts of a smooth running road and communication infrastructure. With these prospects in mind, there is talk of outsourcing of 10,000 Bangladeshi workers, at reduced Visa requirements.
Building and art is an integral part of the Saudi’s, and even with evolving building styles, architecture still possess the traditional art rich in Arab  culture. To note, the Kingdom Centre in Riyadh is ranked 25th of the tallest buildings in the world. It hosts a medley of stores and luxury shopping outlets including designer shops, like Marks and Spencer.
Mining contributes to the economy through the numbered mines, with gold deposits well distributed in the country; other base metals like aluminum are also mined, as well as carbon dioxide. The gas reserves, though not as expansive at the 5th largest in the world.
For a country’s economy to grow, it requires a significant and reliable source of energy to support the industries. With the gas and oil, the country’s industries are growing to compete in the international markets. This is seen clearly as SABIC, the world’s biggest producer of plastics has grown to become an empire.
Food industries are also growing and able to sustain themselves, such as the milk and baby formula industries. A classic example is The Savola Group that manufactures edible oil and ghee, now the most successful multinational food groups that keeps on growing since its establishment in 1979. Even though the country imports 70% of its food, it is fully sufficient to supply eggs, milk and meat for its internal consumption.
Irrigation projects that flourish through a network of dams has seen the continued production of dates, fish, wheat, flowers for export and vegetables. As such, traditional cuisine can still be amicably prepared through local ingredients. Some of the popular cuisine, though differing from province to province includes Haneedh, Kabsa and Masoob.
Culture and Sports
Don’t let the garb fool you. Saudis enjoy dance, poetry and sports. In the annual Jenadriyah Heritage and Cultural Festival; the Ardha, a national dance is performed which is choreographed using swords and poetry.
 The Equestrian club also hosts a number of activities like the powerful show of horse power through the horse racing. Camel racing is also a popular sport. It would not suffice not to mention the desert races, where the rich kids can bring out their toys to play. Fast car racing is popular among the younger generation, and just to prove how luxury car models have a consumer base in the country; the case of the 22yr old Dhiaa Al-Essaa, son of Mohammed Al-Essa comes to mind, he owns a fleet for rare super cars. The annual sale of cars into the country stands at 1Million.
Other attractions include the Riyadh Zoo, The Kings Fountain in Jeddah, The Al Faisaliah Tower, the Aviation Museum as well as Al Tayebat, International City, but these are open to those on business visits and Muslims visiting citizens, otherwise tourist Visas into the Kingdom are yet to be introduced. All in all, the growth of this economy, though veiled, is significant and is expected to get better in coming days.

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