Tuesday, December 11, 2012

dance dance

I’m going through that phase . You know when you don’t have much to process in the mind so you have the past the present and the future trying to make sense out of the other?

If I’m alive next year around this time, I’ll mos’ def say this- how time flies. That’s all I seem to be saying these days.

I’m glad for one thing though, getting older. The wisdom that comes with it? I can’t wait to be 63 because I’m sure then wisdom will have set in..I was aiming for wisdom at my current age but I’m yet to experience it.

Never mind I’m an auntie this year..which is pretty exciting. I already have visions of taking the lil boy bouncing castles and swings. Or not, depends.

2012 started with a big disappointment though. Getting stuck in the last place I wanted to be. Even after discarding my warm clothes in favour of cottons, linens and sandals.

But great good came out of it. I can now make conversation..and even joke in Sign Language.

And I met great… No.. spectacular people this year..like the sarakasi deaf acrobats.
Cheered them hoarse- my uncle says nobody needs to be taught how to dance..it’s in our system..I think It applies here…you don’t need music to dance.

 the dome

deaf acrobats
And when I saw these hanging up by ropes..I thought-what an idea. When I had a house with high roof(I can’t spell cealing, so we just go with roof for now)..I’ll have these for my guests to recline on. :D
  A moment back stage

Friday, December 7, 2012

Garlic and Pili pili guilt sauce

Garlic and Pili pili guilt sauce

I made a brave decision earlier this week. I picked up- A thousand Splendid Suns, The Rescue by Nicholas Sparks and another book by Doris Lessing- and put them down. I gave myself a thumbs up as I walked away from the vendor.

They were so cheap. Just KSh 100 each.

But I listened to a savings tips recording by a bank trainer the other day. He said the one enemy to saving money is spending more than you earn.
 I know that…in theory.

He asked- do you find yourself buying things when they are on sale?
-          no, never- I answered mentally.
There was a sale by House of Leather last month, I didn’t go…even though I need a good walking shoe.
Nakumatt is always having offers and I could do with a small oven

Enka Rasha is having a 60% off  this season…they have smart African wear that could eep me clothed for the next five years.

Haha, but I forgot… I don’t shop there. I shop at Mutindwa—and Muthurwa. And the there is an offer. Every day!

It’s very hard to just walk past a crazed tops vendor shouting bei fefte!
Or another one calling out mbao! 20bob! Mbao!

So yesterday… I decided to just..have a look. So good for my bravely.
And I went home feeling very guilty..like you will of course feel when you buy something  useful which.. you don’t really need. Like a dress to wear to a party- though most parties I attend in jeans.
 But you never know..I might get invited to a cocktail party in March.

The entire evening I was thinking.. I should be punished for this…

So I decided to make a very elaborate meal that took most of the afternoon.

I’ve been meaning to make garlic sauce. My pepper plant had 8 ripe ones. That, with garlic and ginger, tomatoes and lemon juice, boiled for fifteen minutes then blended makes an awesome sauce for potatoes.

 step 1
 step 2

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