Friday, May 6, 2016

What do content writers do?

Every organisation relies on brand popularity to know if it is a success or a failed venture. In order to stay in the game, an organisation needs to be in touch with its target audience.

This is the digital information era and new as well as well- established ventures are starting to find out just how important the internet is for their well being. That is in terms of marketing, selling and passing information. That all this can now be exclusively confined to the internet and have a business running successfully is no longer unusual.

Just as one would be mistaken to dispute that this digital multitasking age is a passing fad, it would be wrong to assume that web content can be provided, managed and monitored by just anybody in the organization.
A person might know everything there is to know about a company, but be incapable of online content presentation.
 An example: A company’s communication person decides to copy paste what appears on their newsletter to the “Home” page of their site. About 5, 000 word count.
Humh..Seriously, who has the time to scroll?

Web content is not print journalism. 

Have you noticed how newspapers present their online news? My point exactly.
When you think of Web content, think of a marketing campaign. Less  words, more visuals. Newspapers understood this early enough.
Then there is this big word that we content managers will throw at you just  to see if you know what you are paying for; Search Engine Optimisation ( S.E.O).
What this entails is, there is a way content for the web should be presented. And this is not just about grammar and punctuation.
"mango breakfast''

When you search “breakfast” on images, what do you expect to find? Anything, coz we all eat lots of things for breakfast, including coke and kangumu and that is an individual choice. But if you search breakfast+mango. You might get something close to this. A search engine will sift through all the teas and coffees, mueslis and kway teo and find something with mango in it.

Articles for the web need to be succinct enough so they can come up easily on search engines. See this article( Repetitive? That is one method of S.E.O.  Check out this article ( For this one I used links as well as keywords, so far it has received 77views, a lot for a very low key blog like this one.

In summary what do content writers do?
  1. We combine text and visuals to create short, fun articles for you website.
  2. We optimize articles so your website does not come on page 16 in a search engine.
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