Friday, February 19, 2016

What do Content Writers Do?

Every Organization that wants to survive this century relies on brand popularity to know if it’s a success, or a failed venture.
In order to stay above the current, an organization needs to be in touch with its target audience. This here is the digital information era and new as well as long established set ups are becoming dependent on the internet to market, sell and rely information.
Content writers play the role of attracting people to view data on the organization’s site.

Even so, ours is a digital multitasking age, and the faulted belief that web content can be provided by anybody in the organization has carried weight.
The reason:
‘He’s been with us since we started, what can’t he do?’  Wrong.

Content has to be presented in a certain way.
Information for a web page is very different from information that appears on the company’s annual newsletter. Who has the time to scroll and scroll 5,000 words down?
Web content is like a marketing campaign.
Less words, more visual.

There is a way to write web content. I don’t mean just good grammar and punctuation; that is quite obvious.
There are keywords which make an article  up easily on search engines.
Content writers know how to construct sensible phrases that hook search engines right away.

So what do content writers do?

1. They combine text and visuals to create short, fun articles for the web.
2. They optimize articles by use of key words to ensure they are visible online.

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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Happily working online in Kenya

Just admit it, the internet is the new ruler of this era. And it is now very easy to get online work in Kenya
Why such a bold statement?

I have been under its rulership for over a decade; and it has been a happy one. In fact, 75% of my income comes from the relationship I have with the internet. In business, and in writing

Do not ignore the red blinking banners.

It’s a deep sea; this Internet. Ignore the guidelines and you will end up in the alimentary canal of a big WWWF (worldwideweb fish).
Before you take out your gadgets and start coming up with passwords for that online work website that popped onto your social media page, take time to learn what working online is all about.

It is one area where someone somewhere will always know better than you do.
And some of these want to make a quick shilling out of someone elses’ eye torture.

Where can I learn this stuff?

To learn about working online in Kenya; get onto the internet and search
Working online in Kenya, or Working at home in Kenya, online jobs in Kenya, Writing jobs in Kenya. Then read what others have to say. 

Read blogs and websites about writing. The reason for this is that there are many ways to do the same thing and the more viewpoints you can collect the better.
My favorite site about online writing in Kenya is http://freelancerkenya.comThe administrator, Walter is great with tips.

Why are no jobs coming my way?

It happens, all the time.
Writing online depends on, bidii ya mtu (your own efforts).
Don’t sit at your computer chatting away and expect that friend that has been on this job for long will send you alerts. Get onto the writing sites, sign up, bid for jobs, go through those writing tests, and constantly enquire about jobs on writing sites. Kuhustle proper.

How to be happy writing online in Kenya.

! Do your research thoroughly.
! Don’t trust everyone online (si unajua tu).
! Hard work, for high achievement and eventual happiness (Our Primary school Motto).
! Work Online. It’s cool.

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