Monday, May 8, 2017

Nĩũnguaga wana- Wa Kioi Junior


How do you view me, you?….Aii….

I am not getting you clearly
Can you repeat what you said?
Or maybe one of my dials has moved places
The mouth is foolish sometimes it dismisses food
I am very happy to know your weakness.

You came to my house wearing an overcoat on a sunny day
And you had gumboots on
You were confused like a hungry dog.
When I started to laugh you said:
‘These issues are beyond me, come Kioi
Speak to her I cannot manage on my own.’

Me, the one who speaks on your behalf
Am I also the one destroying your home?
When you have wronged your wife I come and settle matters between you
I take you as my friend but to you I’m just
Material you build your home with,
You view me in a childish way.

I’m not embarrassed to say I’m like one who dies innocently
The stupidity is all my own
Coz Rua had told me:
‘When two people who love each other  have an issue..’
That son of my mother told me: ‘Just keep quiet’ (don’t get involved)
I had set you free from a trap
Just to have you trap me in it.

It is not once or twice you wife
Has caught you with a mistress
Then we’d plan, you told her she was my dame
And because she knows I don’t have these people
She would believe us.
Had I known,
You would be denying it with evidence on your lips.


Now you are saying I ring your house
And I don’t even have your wife’s number
Ask Diki
If I had known you bite when we were laughing together
I’d have stuffed an umbrella in your mouth and opened it.

You are lying to your wife I’m the one that introduced you to alcohol
Can’t you tell her the truth, how you have the key?
When you don’t go home and sleep in the city
Where do you sleep and with whom?

When you don’t go home and sleep in the city
Where do you sleep and with whom?

I will not judge you, You are a fool but you don’t even know it
I understand where you are coming from.
Gitau from Rongai had told me,
Everybody knows
You are sat on like chairs (henpecked)


This part is spoken  with instruments  that take on a whole stanza.
Gitau exhauster
You had told me
I will not judge.

Karis of Kinyozi poa
When you see such people
Take off mbuga mbuga
That is like saying this, ‘what is in it for me?’

Even Rua had warned me
And I said
“It’s just friendship, friendship.”
Can you hear me, Wa Yuni?
Greet that one, the one that shares a mother with that other one,
Even that one is my friend.
Greet all people of Kabiti and Makuyu.

Translation challenges
Nĩũnguaga wana... when you say that to someone, the direct translation is -you carry me childish- But what it means is you are looking down on me, you are despising me, you are refusing to acknowledge my real value. It is had to make a clear translanslation without losing the real meaning.
I had issues translating muhiki. The real meaning of the word is a bride.
But I translated as mistress, since he has a wife.
Mũhiki can be girlfriend if it I is a woman you are dating but secretly, so people say he has a mũhiki.
When it is a girlfriend people don’t take seriously, or is big in size, she becomes Kĩhiki.
 I need to find out what KĩHIKI is for the KĩHIKI Beauty translation coming up on Sublime Innocence.

I love The instruments and the careless style in this song.
He is out there to sing, not make a song.
When I feel annoyed at someone carrying me childish I sing along to this song. It reminds me of the absurdities in life. And there are many.  Like this man who thinks his friend  the singer is after his wife. True, there are cases where spouses have been snitched but I doubt anybody is willing to risk a friendship for that.  I’m I naïve? Would I go for my married girlfriend’s husband? Why? Aren’t there a million single men from here to the YAP islands?

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