Monday, August 7, 2023

42 is not the answer

I wandered into a private clinic and asked if they could sell me an antibiotic 

‘ yes, but what are managing?’

“ An infection caused by something that got stuck between some teeth.”

‘ but you don’t need an antibiotic for this surely, a mouthwash and anti inflammatory would be better. Stop misusing antibiotics.’

I told him I had a fever and felt horrible.

He asked if he could take a look.

He looked, and said ‘you definitely need an antibiotic, and a visit to a dentist ASAP.’

Not A es pi. But Asap, like it was one word.

‘ you have periodontitis, and if it’s not taken care ASAP it will get worse.’

He started rummaging through the medicine cabinet.

I will give you a Brufen as well.’

“I don’t take brufen.”

‘ you have ulcers?’

“ Not I don’t but it gives me heart burn.’

‘You definitely have ulcers.’

“ are you trying to scare me with all this information?’

‘no, I’m just vulgar in the way I talk. I call a spade a spade.’

“Still, it’s frightening.”

He stops briefly and comes back to look inside my mouth.

‘you’ve had fillings, but you need more, some of your teeth are completely out.’

I don’t tell him that sounds like a death sentence, I come from a family where teeth have been known to take someone out. But I guess it shows in my worried expression.

‘ it’s a very simple procedure. They just need to scoop out the stuff that’s gone and fill it up or do a root canal or extract  them.’

“I will lose my teeth too.” I say.

‘Not necessarily, and you are young enough. How old are you?’

I tell him to take a guess.

I’m expecting him to say, 27,30 or 32. Then I can smile like the duchess of a non- English speaking country and say,

“Ooh, I wish, I’m so much older. I will be 40 soon.”

He says;

‘You must be in the 45-50 age group.’

I almost fall of my chair.

I laugh and he says, ‘you’re younger than that? Much younger?’

I ask him “is it the hat?”

I’ve been wearing this Marvin we people of Limuru wear when it’s this cold.

‘ maybe, because I can’t see half your face. But you must be a sweet sixteen, please tell me your age?’

“45,” I tell him laughing.

He says ‘ oh no I hurt your feelings.’

“ No you didn’t. It’s just I’ve been telling people I’m 40 for the longest time I guess it’s starting to show.”

He writes down the number of a dentist that went to school with him.

Then gives me the antibiotics.

“ These will make me throw up.”


“Just the color, don’t you have something neutral?”

‘I thought girls like pink? He starts but then unsure of himself says, ‘ well, maybe it depends on what it is.’

“ You didn’t tell me your name?”

‘You didn’t ask.’

He tells me his name and tells me he won’t charge me for consultation.

I tell him I feel better already.

“We are used to being mishandled by doctors but you’ve been very helpful.”

He goes on something about not accepting anything less from a private hospital.

He’s a nice fellow.

24 at most. The new breed that is not scared of anything or anyone.

I think I just found me a personal doctor.

(Though he clearly told me he is not a doctor but a clinical officer😀 which was sweet. It’s like a disclaimer, I can only do so much for you.)

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