Saturday, March 28, 2020

Dairy Farm Stories: A picnic

"She will love deeply -she will suffer terribly -she will have glorious moments to compensate - as I have had-" Emily of Newmoon.

I was feeling agitated and another feeling I wasn't sure of. Then it hit me that it was two weeks into the corona outbreak and my mother had not called to check on me.

My mother always called. Every bus crush on Mombasa road, or any Mololine just in case I had been on it. Every earthquake, every political upheaval, every collapsed house in Huruma, every matatu strike. She would call to ask If I was okay and if I hadn't heard about it why haven't I watched the news?

So I went to see my shushu.
I was scared she would ask me about my mother.

Here we are now having a picnic.
She is feeding the pumpkin bits to the dogs.
Or pretending to but she is observing me.
I'm startled when she commands me to stop being sad.
'Why do you sit like someone in great sorrow?'

'Oh,'  I say.
She goes on,
'You should not wear a sad face.'

'What of I am sad? What should I do?' I ask.
'You should look for something that brings you joy.' She says
I snap at her;
'But I am sad right now. If you were hungry and I told you stop being hungry without giving you food would your hunger stop?'

She says,
'People have gone through a lot of different pains. But they have endured.'
I know she is right but I don't want to hear it.

I want to tell her I cannot turn my feeling on and off like a robot..
I start to cry instead.
Because I shouldn't snap at my
She has suffered greatly.
I also should know better.
I am on instgram learning about self care and grief and shadow work And all of that and I can read my Bible.

And in spite of her limited exposure to all of this she always really tries to understand, even when her mind fails her.

She has buried 5 kids and a husband and friends. She has been broke and alone and in despair but she is still standing. She is now a shell of her former self.
What really is Alzheimer's?
How can she know her daughter is dead but not know whether she is eating rice or githeri?

But her spirit is alive, strong and courageous.

'Happy are those who mourn. ' That's  what I should have told her.

Because if anyone deserves a better life it's my shushu,  and her family.
We have been down and under.
One rude shock after another.
When we are barely up we are again reminded of the taste of the ground.

Our humans and  our animals all suffer together.
Tom sees my tears and starts to lick my face with a broken paw on my chest.

Our now one eyed Tom.
He has taken hit after hit.
I Start to laugh.
Shush tells Tom
'Eheria Urimū haha.'

Then she goes off to pick up fire wood and I go off to clean up the dishes.
Tomorrow I will be in the happiest place in Nairobi.
Tomorrow I not wear a sad face.

Thursday, March 26, 2020

Your Shallow and Incomplete guide to cooking food:

For people who are locked down and cannot run to the kiosk to get some fresh meat.

So we are just going to make recipes out of what is in the house.
Now that I am here. I have a craving for things I don't even eat.

Tropical sweets
Cream cakes
Roasted Chicken feet


'Eating seeds as a pastime activity The toxicity of our city, our city.'

I can post another fried omena recipe for you. It's basically what I am eating this week. And beans. But beans are nasty. They make You second guess your digestive system.
Omena with Apple Cider Vinegar
Omena in milk
Omena with tomatoes only
Deep fried omena.

But we'll get creative. Three weeks is a long time to be within the home area.
I watched two and a half men burning  a carpet for an entire morning . A three meter pvc  carpet which would be insequntial in non-corona times but became the main agenda for these men today.

One of my neighbours got married into the next plot. She just moved one item after another with her baby on her back to her new man's house next door.

On Monday I had a rush of blood to my head. I thought of the overstretched time ahead of me. The hustler me who needs to go out every day to hunt and gather. The hasla me who isn't on a payroll and needs to harangue and think and think and think everyday how to keep surviving.

Then I stopped panicking, because it has been worse. And I have food, clothing and shelter.
And books, and hobbies, and friends and sanitizer.
And I haven't got my head buried in the sand.
I have made some plans in case this gets out of hand.
And I am in touch with those who matter.
But I cannot help it when my head is playing.

'We are going down sugar.
Sugar plum going down swinging'

Maybe I'll go back to growing sprouts.
And brewing fruit wine.
And sewing shapeless covers to cover things. From my old clothes.

I've checked on everyone.
I think almost everyone.
And I came up with a new list of the things that really matter to me in life.
I have summarised my basic needs to two major items
And three minor items.

We are assuming their is WiFi and and a garden outside.

1. A big kitchen with space for a radio and shelves and cabinets everywhere. Big extra large sinks with faucet taps. And solid work spaces I can sit on without freezing my bottom.

2. A  big spacious bathroom with big Windows that look out into a big expanse or a jungle. It should have a high counter for a music player. A big basket with hair and body washes and snacks.

My minor needs
1. Wheat flour
2. Tomatoes
3. Tea
Yes Suzie,I'm hungry again.

I know I need large Windows in my bathroom. Don't ask why. I just know.

Feed the birds. 

Monday, March 9, 2020

Celebrating One month anniversary.

Of not getting a tatoo.
And the only thing stopping me right now is the thought that if I save enough from the tatoo money I might be able to get myself a real silver chain from @wardrobebanter which I can pass on to my children  to teach them the value of self control.

I will give it to the boy. His name will be Craig, or David or Luke. Definitely Luke.
'He will be one of those quiet types who end up taking up a passion they would defend with their lives.
He will be short.  Not short average height, unless he takes after my grandmother.

The girl will take after the father, flashy and extremely  extroverted.  I will be a little afraid of her so I won't give it to her coz she will sell it to buy a bikini.

I will say to Luke.
'Luke my son, this is the reason I didn't get a tatoo when I was middle aged, may you remember this when you get tempted.'

For the longest time, I have wanted a tatoo. When most people are being  tempted by sex or trying to find a cocaine joint or drink themselves silly. I'm here visualizing how that barbed wire tatoo would look around my upper arm. I would never wear a coat even in cold weather.
Just prance around showing off my *mambobad side. Like a war an action movie hero or a black belt you know?
Any way.

After setting up a home for myself at Lytz salon for two months, we expanded.
We grew
Lytz Salon was a place where I walked around with my mouth gaping wide all the time.
The kind of styles that the hairdressers could pull off.
The level of skill that every single person whether a hair technician or nail technician had.
Everything was done with excellent skill within minimum time.

I Learnt that you've got to love what you do and you have to do it properly.

I managed to wiggle my way into Ralph's Hairworks with 1/3 of the former Lytz.

How to best describe @Ralph'sHairworks.

Is simply to say that : Here is a Hair Studio
Here we learn the art of hair.
Here we love hair.

Other people take hair as fashion or pop culture.
The difference?
When you look at hair as a fashion accessory then it doesn't matter what destructive products or washing technique you use as long as you get the desired finish.

Hair art is different.

Art means you respect the hair, because you are gonna need your hair after the shine is gone.

How I know this is it is at Raph's Salon where I was washed properly for the first time in a salon.
My hair didn't tangle and cut and the guy knew exactly what to do, and that was just, a by the way Cecilia let's wash your hair.
I felt like I needed to go round apologizing to all my clients for shampooing them the wrong way.
What was that?

Hair can be mischievous.
It gives back what you give it.
When you mistreat it, it gives you a bald head to deal with.
You've got to respect you hair for it to respect you.

Rhaph has a team of high energy specialists who all know what their job is.
I can judge the vybe of a place by the amount of art that I am able to create.
The month that I've been here I had drawn and sketched and written things and decorated and felt completely at ease.
It's an artsy vybe.

I am getting better at braiding, crotchet styles.

Not as great as @motimi2011.
I'll never come close she is on her own lane
With make-up as well.

So here we are:
Kicking good butt and all of that.

And trying not to walk into the tatoo parlour. That I am staring at every waking moment.

And you are all welcome.
My first client Debbie. Thanks Debbie.

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