Friday, December 22, 2023

A Fresh Breath

 The guy who brought me gas gave me such a beautiful smile I felt like I had walked into the secret garden.

I don’t like men who smile smile a lot 

In fact I would like my order to be; a little sullen, with an overpowering sense of gray dread aura around them.

But here was in full uniform like a fireman with a smile so genuine, so sunny, like an imported orange.

I felt like I opened the gate and   Saw myself, saw something familiar.

He had followed my directions, and called me back when my airtime ran out.

I spent ten minutes trying to pay to the till. Until I finally paid him directly and he told me if I ordered from their app next time I’d get a KG of sugar.

But I don’t mind much about the sugar.

Hiyo smile ndio nataka kuona tena.

Sijui nifungulie gas hapa nje iishe niitishe tena.

How do we have in 2023,  on the outskirts of Nairobi, a Kenyan man with a beard, smiling like that?

Me the men I know always look like they want to slap someone.

Tuesday, December 12, 2023

What A Book does for you.

Signing the author's wall at Nuria Book Store

When I started thinking of publishing, I did everything but still it didn’t work out, then I attended The African Book Fair organized by Soma nami books at the McMillan Library, Nairobi in October.
I was impressed by the collection of African books on display, including many Kenyan writers I had never heard of.
The day I went, there was a book reading by
a poet writer, Sakina.
She has authored beautiful interactive books. My favourite is - The Elements of Us. And she talked about how she wrote her book when she was in a bad place mentally.
She said
‘Think about what a book can do for you.’

She mentioned that since publishing her first book, she had been invited to speak at various events in the mental health space.

I reached out to her on IG and she connected me to her editor.
I couldn’t do the book I wanted to do first - Conversations into Adulthood-
So I decided to start with the short stories collections.
That’s how Going to Buy a plot in Maaī Mahiū came to the forefront.

It’s barely a month since I got published.
What has the book done for me?
For a start, I have signed two writing contracts which have exceeded my expectations. This is in terms of, the bargaining power of a published author.
The quote I am handing out is the same quote I have been handing out for years, with the same experience and skills but so many times it gets turned down or even slashed in half.
I am grateful to Soma Nami for organizing a book focused event, not just a textbook peddling affair but a book fair for book lovers.
I am thankful to my publisher for publishing a book I am proud to show around.
I am grateful to the people who have bought my book and continue to give me feedback.
I have good friends, I know good people and this is just the beginning.
Get me on 0701030005 to BUY A COPY

Friday, December 8, 2023

My Book: Going to Buy a Plot in Maaĩ Mahiũ is on Nuria Store

 I have good news

But first,
I’m really grateful to all of you for your inquiries, orders and prompt payment.
I’m also a little overwhelmed with responding to everyone, deliveries and after sales services.
So if you meet me on the streets and I’m a little teary eyed, it’s not sadness, they are tears of joy.
In order to ensure you get a copy of my book Going to buy a plot in Maaī Mahiū quicker,
I have created an account with Nuria Store.
You can order online 🥳🥳🥳
You can also get your copy from their Book Shop on Biashara Street, Bazaar Plaza, 11th Flr.
I must add the guards at Baazar Plaza are the coolest soldiers in all of Nairobi CBD!
Let’s go out and get a copy

Text 0701030005 TO BUY THE BOOK

Thursday, December 7, 2023

My BOOK: Going to Buy a Plot in Maaĩ Mahiũ

 This has been my dream. To create a book and place it in the hands of people who tell me ‘ I think I’m excited more than you are.’

People who tell me.
‘ Holding your book in my hands makes me feel very honoured.’
People who understand that it is a matter of blood and sweat.
People who tell other people about the book and buy copies for their mother, and brother, and sister because.
‘ I know she will enjoy it.’
I distributed the first copies of
Going to buy a Plot in Maaī Mahiū and other Stories yesterday. I faced one setback with some of the copies. They had been printed on a paper I didn’t like. My first impulse feeling was to stand on the balcony of Kimathi House and fling them out to the street.
But my friend said to me: ‘You are just a bit anxious.’
‘And hungry and sleep deprived.’
I added. I had slept at 1.00a.m responding to Book inquiries, after a day is social media live posting for the 4th Global Logistics Convention at Safaripark.
So we sat in the beauty room at Ralph’s Hairworks and sorted through the box and got ones that I felt I could send to my readers.
The publishers offered to replace the really bad grade ones. So it’s okay now.
But it became very clear about what I wanted. Why I write, and why I have decided to publish books.
I am not interested in selling sensational books that end up being pirated on the streets of Nairobi.
I am interested in giving people a collector's item.
That is why I spent time and money on the cover design.
That is why I had the book proofread over and over again.
I know it cannot be perfect, but I want whoever buys my book can be proud of owning it.
They can display it on their shelf with other precious tinkles. Or on their bedside.
Since my first blog post in 2005, I have curated an audience who know what I am talking about. They are part of the first team of 25 buyers who made their pre-orders as soon as I announced I had a book coming out. These are people I could give the book to for free if I was a rich heiress from Limuru but for now, I’m grateful to all of you who have bought, and those who have told others about it.
Keep your orders coming. I’ve done personal deliveries this weekend to neighbours, friends, and family.

Text 0701030005 TO BUY THE BOOK

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