Thursday, March 21, 2024

5 ways to say, "My mother died. " For those currently or constantly grieving.

 On a random Thursday, when you get to work, you will find Clara distributing cupcakes at the coffee machine. Banana cupcakes, and you will randomly mention that your mother used to make banana cupcakes when you were young. Then Karen from accounting will ask cheerfully. ' Oh, does she still make them? You should bring us some sometime."

And you will say " No, not anymore."

You might walk away at this moment and go cry in the toilet, but ofcourse Clara will ask ." Why?"

How do you spit out the words?

Do you say, my mother died, my mother is long dead, my mother passed, my mother is long dead, or my mother is laying down with her forefathers?

These are five ways to answer that question without getting a concussion from sobbing. For those who lost their mothers 20 years ago, 10 years ago, five years ago, one year ago or last week, and cannot bring themselves to say the words that confirm that yes, you are permanently severed from the umbilical cord.

1. " Oh my mother, she slept one final one."

2   "My mother decided this world was not her home kitamboooo."

3. " My mother, that one is dust from dust and ash to ashes."

4. " That one, only Jesus can wake her up now."

5. Or The classic Kikuyu one " ucio niathire gutuhandagira mianga"- she went ahead of us to plant Cassava.

You need to be near an exit after saying any of these because no matter how much you try to distance yourself from the message, it will still hit you right in the stomach, and you might spend most of the afternoon sitting in the toilet sink counter.

All the best.

Wednesday, March 13, 2024

Readers feedback for Going to buy a plot in Maaī Mahiū and Other Stories by Cecilia Gathoni

 Ssup Cess read your book this week and loved it. Utterly loved it in every possible way...

My favourite chapter is 4 : The Importance of Cows

It is beautiful and amzing. Truly having perspective and clarity is on of the most important things but aside from that this chapter clearly showcases vividly the overall them of the book: LIFE IS UNFAIR, deal with it!

From imagining the rotting carcasses, the death filled air, the distraught demeanor of the Maasai and to the idiot next to you it was truly a masterpiece. I have so much perspectives I would love to say, but lemme leave it at The Importance of Cows...

Thanks for the stories & such an awesome book...

Brian, this is feedback I’ve been waiting for. 

The Importanc rod cows was the last story I did. In fact I added it just before the book went to print. It’s a story I had been carrying inside since November last year. I typed it one afternoon on my phone at the Kikuyu bus station, Kikuyu town, then went to a cyber and proof read it. It’s one of the most important stories for me in the book. It moved me when I wrote it, I wondered if anyone would get it as profoundly as you have.

Like you have said. That is the main theme of the story- I am amazed that you were able to see it and summarize it.- Brian

😁hiii! Yes, but I haven't finished reading; my life pretends to be too busy even for important things! 😅 But i scribbled this comment immediately after reading the first few pages: True to life, with elegant simplicity, and an intelligent sense of humour! It's hard to believe this is your first book! Sam 

Lemi know once it's up for know when I finished the other one I felt like I has been visiting a nice place which had a lot going on.....I kept thinking to myself...nilikua waaapi... then I smile when I remember ni kwa book ❤️ Judy


Hi Cec, I picked it up the problem now is to put it down....😁😁😁 much more than I expected, am now where the high school boyfriend with a red bandana is visiting 😀 😍 😅....hilarious doesn't do neither does witty still finding how to describe this one!

This book is deep! Btwn, i sometimes feel that people who go that deep either smoke some stimulant like weed, or they listen to too much reggae, or both😂🙈.i dont know about you🫣

👆🏼dont share this one lol- SK

Buy the book here.

Tuesday, March 12, 2024


Stories inspired by true events, with the most hilarious point of view. We xhoose how we look at life, Cess shows you how to look at it from the funny, side of it…”it’s funny but so true.” Thumbs up.- Selly 

It is unapologetically real. The stories are told so vividly that even if one has not experienced what the author has experienced, they can imagine and feel it. I love how she has included the Kikuyu language with zero explanation of what the words mean and we still understand and find ourselves laughing. I can read it over and over again. Infact, lemme start again - Maryaan

Soon after I finished the read….. of course with a few ribs cracked….the boyfriend in the red bandana will forever be etched in my mind…and I agree with Gathoni who packs their bags to relocate to…..(find out where when you read your copy) it felt like I was away visiting a nice place which had a looooot going on… mind kept drifting……nilikua waaapi… then I smile when I remember ni kwa book ❤️- Judy

A journey through words: I found myself in many “chuoms” through Memory Lane while reading the stories. Different timelines yet quite similar experiences with a blend of humor. Thanks, Ciss for the adventure you took us through. I hope what I’ve heard through the Grapevine is true; that there’s another book coming soon. Looking forward to more adventures through your stories.- Anko Phil

Simply fabulous.
Can’t wait for the next book from you. -Dan

when you say “igoka inya! inyanya.” Only a real Kikuyu can get that….

..and when you call out “Mama, mama!” It caught me off guard thinking this is Swahili. Then it hit me. Mama ni uncle 🤣. Kwisha Mimi.

This book should be bigger. I am rereading it juu imeisha haraka sana. Imeniacha na tamaa ya kuendelea.- Lena

I relate with every story in this book.The story line flows like a river.i smile or through as I read it . I love the choose of wording .can’t wait to read another book from the author I wonder what she has in store for us💕💕💕- Maina

Wueh! This is a real read. Can’t stop laughing. Brought so many childhood memories. Am now teaching my husband Kikuyu for him to enjoy the book.

Am waiting for the next one.- Lena

“Having just finished Going to Buy a Plot in Maai Mahiu, I can’t stop laughing! The author’s comedic genius shines through every page, making it a must-read for anyone in need of a good laugh. Brilliantly entertaining!”- Collins

An astounding weave of stories that will leave your ribs cracking from laughter. The gifted author, who has mastered the art of lifting spirits with humor, uses a very comprehensible language for all levels of readers. I highly recommend this literary work by Cecilia.- Kelvin Muriuki

All the stories are very good; simple, enjoyable and relatable with my type of humour..have had a good laugh..please write another book!- Mo

Humour told effortlessly, unassumingly, poignantly. A book through which every reader sees themselves in their daily motions of life and the little humorous things we don’t pay much attention to. This book is worth more than it’s priced. As an aspiring writer with unpublished and copyrighted manuscript, I’ve enjoyed reading and re-reading this piece. There’s definitely sweeter things where this one came from.- Jame Oluoch

I loved reading the stories most of which I can relate to. Good Job Cess.- Munyeki F

Beautifully written stories that help you reflect on the seemingly mundane things of life with a good laugh.
Looking forward to more books from Cecilia.- Grace

The stories are so relatable and told with a witty sense of humuor. Cecilia writes in an easy to understand way that suits a wide audience. Once you pick up this book, it will he hard to put it down 😊- Melissa

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