Monday, May 25, 2015


When my best friend Rose died, I had just turned 15 and not coping very well with teenagehood. My grief coping mechanisms didn’t work very well either. I studied like crazy for a term and then gave it up and decided I needed a boyfriend. Soon enough I was receiving mail every too weeks.

It was not easy to get another bestie after, and even though I tried, I never really opened up to other girls for fear of heartbreak.
But in my late Twenties my girlfriends became the best thing in my life, and a priority.

 I discovered how sitting to watch- the tooth fairy- or some other senseless movie just to keep the tears from rolling and ruining your night, can heal emotional wounds. That with several rows of cupcakes. The mad joy at discovering an old bottle of wine with faded labels at the price of a milk box.

The laughter, the scolding and the promises to never receive calls from fellas that never could fathom our real worth.
Or when you are both so broke you decide to make huge meals together and split the food, but splurge when payday come.

“We just take a bus and go to Naivasha”.

My youngest girl friend is 13 this year, the oldest is 97, but we speak the same language.

Esther, the adolescent will tell me;“If you are gonna tie a saree tomorrow you better have your breakfast tonight”

It’s Saturday night, not a school night so we are having a – Malcom in the Middle- Marathon. She came in feeling low because her younger sister lost their lunch money, but now is giggling beside me and I’m feeling thank ful.

meme courtesy of Adam Amos

Monday, May 18, 2015

Does apple cider vinegar help you lose weight?

That question has been the subject of many debates, with some arguing that weight loss is just a matter of perception. Others admit that diets must go hand in hand with healthy eating habits and exercise. Losing weight has become a full time occupation for some, and to some extent, it does ease the worry knowing there is a glimmer of hope.

 Many people have wondered, does apple cider vinegar help you loose weight, or is it just a marketing ploy? Well, certainly not a marketing ploy since it is quite easy to make home made ACV out of apple scraps. Basically the waste products including seeds, the core and peels and letting them ferment for a month or so. The result is hybrid vinegar that actually possesses qualities needed in vinegar containing the ‘mother ‘element which many brands in the market may not have after filtration.

In matters of weight loss, the ability to block starch and reduce absorption of calories into the body is one way the vinegar acts. By sprinkling vinegar on salads, the taste of the vegetables is improved. Vegetables are a great way to improve digestion and facilitate mineral absorption, and eating a bigger portion of salad is a sure way to reduce the portion of other serving portions.

A study carried out and published in 2009 journal on the topic does apple vinegar help you loose weight reported that daily consumption of vinegar for 12 weeks had the potential to help one loose weight.
Getting into the way it works, intake of vinegar suppresses one’s appetite, making you avoid snacking between meals, which is the highest perpetrator or weight gain. By waiting until the next meal time, the threat of extra weight is reduced.

By improving digestion and increasing the rate of metabolism, one that is struggling to loose weight can rest in the peaceful reality of less fat and water retention.In determining does apple vinegar help you loose weight? It is also imperative to consider the side benefits of vinegar which include the breaking down of cholesterol. High Cholesterol levels in the body lead to high.

 As well as aiding in weight loss, other beautiful aspects of this item are helping the body maintain healthy alkaline levels by balancing the PH. For general well being, using a little vinegar to set off cold and sore throat systems is the healthy way to branch off.Apple cider Vinegar contains potassium, acetic, lactic and malic acids, which are generally quite useful to the body. Thus said, make it a routine to drink a few table spoons regardless of whether you are trying to loose weight or not.

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