Monday, June 20, 2016

5 ways to wear a bowtie and look like these really cool celebs

When I started thinking about this post, I met this boy that looked real cool in a green and black bowtie, but my brain only processed the idea of asking for a picture after he had passed me, but below is a list of my favourite bowtie wearing celebs. Enjoy...

1.Pharrell Williams

You guessed it, no one does it better. You all know this least my crush on him is now gone after I saw a picture of his wife,,,phew!

I like his music, but most of the time I'm just checking out his clothes.

2. Jay Chou

Just one of the hottest Asian musicians alive. Check out his song here (he sings in swahili..tii mama na baba,usijifunze ubaya,,then he says mo fire...).
There was another picture of him in a proper bowtie, but not as goodlooking as this one.

3. Jonny Depp

I love this guy, someone I wouldn't mind hanging out with, so had to google him in a bowtie and He had to make the list some how.

4. Richard Gere
My best man ever since Pretty Woman.

5. Jon Bon Jovi
He is a very handsome man. That's all I'm gonna say.

so, that's it, but I also like coloful ones.

Sunday, June 12, 2016

5 ways to keep your feet free of athlete’s foot this cold season.

If you are a man, do you wash your feet or does the water in your karai get finished before you get to the ankles?
If you are a woman, do you really wash between your feet every time you take a bath?
If your answer is, ‘sometimes’. Then you have probably had to suffer two weeks of fungal infection between your toes.

Your feet smell too, a mix between bread dough and a cow shed. Quite an unpleasant state of affairs that we want to try fix especially with the cold season setting off in such unpredictable weather.
  1. Wash your feet.

You will need;

  • Clean warm water,
  • A pumice stone. I use the black variety.
  • A srubber, you can cut off a piece of gunia and burn the sides to stop it from running.
  • Soap, and water to rinse.

Scrub every part of the foot, use the pumice stone for the bottom, then rinse.

  1. Dry your feet.
If you only dry your body and let the feet dry as you go, you need to make serious lifestyle changes. Get a special towel for your feet. Feet are feet, so unless you are a clean freak, get a darker color so you don’t have to wash it every day.

  1. Avoid infection
Wear the right shoes for the right ground. It beats common sense to wear open shoes in wet weather.
  • Wear the right size of closed shoes to avoid too much sweating.
  • Wear cotton socks to absorb moisture.
  • Don’t walk on bare feet in public bathrooms.
    be like this.
  1. TLC for feet- Foot baths

  • Throw in a tea bag in warm water and soak your feet for 10 minutes. Tea has components that can reduce the possibility of athlete’s foot.
  • Lemon. Pour in the juice of two lemons in your foot bath and soak for 10 minutes. Lemon has essential oils that leave you feel feeling soft and fresh by balancing out the bacteria levels between the toes.

  • Vinegar bath. Apple Cider Vinegar or white vinegar will work just fine.
  1.  Get rid of bad habits
  • Change cutex regularly, and wash your feet before applying a new coat.
  • Wear a clean pair of socks every time.
  • Trim your toe nails often, a straight clip is best.

  • Clean inside your shoes when you come home and let them dry before using them again.

Monday, June 6, 2016

5 ways blog to keep away SAD (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

I am on a personal challenge to blog about things that pass through my mind as I go along. Cold months are not my most productive months. But I gotta keep my mind active otherwise the winter blues might take over. I came up with 15 categories.

human interest
General knowledge
African fashion
Personal growth

I have managed to come up with 75 possible blog entries. Look out for topics like in technology 5 photographers you should meet.

In human interest, 5 arguments you have probably had with someone this week

In Health and fitness (this I just added, it was in human interest) 5 work-out songs to get you moving regardless of your age.

In pop-culture you will find, 5 colors you never thought could do for your wall.

If there is anything unique you do, you could get featured too in the 5 rare people section, so let me know what it is you do best- 5 honest tailors,  short girls who don’t wear high, heels.

Friday, June 3, 2016

Finding God: But, God is not like a father…

At least not to me,” I say to myself, going over the printed text again.

-God is like a loving father ready to hold our hand whenever there is trouble-

Yeah right.”

I don’t get it, I cannot understand this. How can God be like A father, or any human? I refuse to accept it.
BUT, I want us to get to the part where it says God hears the prayers of those that pray from the heart. I want to learn to say a real prayer without mixing it with my imagination and half created stories. And I want to tell God I know he heard my vernacular prayers, long long ago before I could pray in English.

So I nod and say “yes, God is like a caring father” and blah blah , but I’m only saying what I’ve heard people say and the photograph on the page does paint a picture of how a father should behave..

But I have a loud question in my mind.

Why can’t we just say. God is wise, and clever, and kind. Like your best friend, and always ready to pick out thorns out of your foot like the grown up relative who wonders why you’ve been limping for a week and decides to get you out of the misery.
If it said, -think of a nice person, now that is how God is like- I would get it right away.
But here it says- He is like a father-

This will take a while.

So let us find this father and get a comparison. And of course the father doesn’t want to father a grown up, and something about having had sex with your mother a million years ago which doesn’t qualify him for such a title that I am seeking..
God will have to wait.

Until the clods of blood from my internal wounds find a way out, else we’re done for good, and I’m off to North East Germany, or somewhere..

But I meet a girl that makes room in her wardrobe for my clothes and says – you are welcome to stay- but I am not ready for that kind of benevolence so I escape.
Then an old man, not known to me a month before, he exchanges my indo-mee for high quality bean noodles and gives me a pork recipe. And I stop being so frightened and cold..

Soon I am surrounded by people that don’t care that my teeth are the color of my skin and I have an accent.

God is greater than our hearts and knows all things” she showed me the text when I began to fidget.

-God is greater than our hearts and knows all things- That is reasonable enough.

He knows I cannot call him father.
But he knows I know exactly who is.

I see him, his image in those that choose to wear it. God is like a father, true. A father that really loves his children. Not just, any father. But to me, he is:

My friend, My God. And we are cool.

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