Monday, November 10, 2014

Why people block emails, why others change phone numbers

It could be  the unwritten blogs
The unfinished poetry,
The pieces of cloth cut but never made
The table mat, skirt or wall hanging.
Or it could be the worry about my aging relative
Who will no longer give me advice like-
How I should respect my aunties for my own good-

Or it could be the realization that haiya,
I’ve accomplished quite a number of things like
defining clear priorities and sticking to them
Like looking at possibilities and having intuition “tell me”
This is not a worthwhile pursuit
And it turns out not to be.

The knowledge that apologies don’t take
An inch off you
And cutting links with certain company is actually good for the
That emotional abuse is real
And one does not have to put up with it.
That veggies are very Important,
Clean fresh water to drink
And that sometimes
the top is an inverted pyramid.

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