Sunday, May 26, 2024

Hard Work: It's not that we don't get tired, we do. Necessity keeps us going.

 When my friend lost her husband, she told me the hardest comfort message she found unbearable from friends and family was 'oh you are so strong.' She asked me "Do I have a choice? If I breakdown and roll on the floor, will these people come and help me live my life?"

She was right. People are relieved when they see you holding it together, they don't have to do anything more.

A friend sent me a message that I would say helped me get through this week; in part it said ' Jehovah knows how hard you work for everything you have.'
I felt seen, acknowledged and understood.

I have always worked hard, even when it didn't pay anything. Now I work hard and it pays and sometimes it's irritating when someone turns to you and says 'Oh you are so hardworking.'

Get behind me Satan. Do I have a choice?

It's either I die standing up or die of starvation.

Many people have a back up plan. They can always -go back home- or -go live with their older brother for a while- sell their inheritance-get another job.

For me, what I have is what I have worked for in sweat and blood.

This week I had a retie and asked a girl I know to go with me and assist.
When we were done she exclaimed ' Oh you are so fast! '

Do I have a choice really?

Even if my legs are killing me and I can barely stand up, I have to tell myself to move quicker, work faster.

Else we'll leave the client's house at midnight.

I see that happening in salons a lot. Where hairdressers take lunch breaks with a half done head.


You tire the client, you lose motivation, and the following day you are too tired to take another client.

I don't work fast because I am a machine, I work hard because I have to before my back gives in. I just don't need platitudes, just ignore me, okay?

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